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WWE predictions down for the count

Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | January 16th, 2006

Oh my! I was completely off with the majority of my predictions for the New Year's Revolution PPV. Where did I go wrong? Was I hoping for the best? Let's see:

Women's lingerie match: Ashley wins. I forgot to predict a winner but like I said last week, does anyone care? It's just some good old T n' A!

HHH vs. Big Show: HHH wins. I called this one last week. Big Show hardly ever wins and I kind of feel bad for him sometimes.

Trish vs. Mickie; Trish wins. What are the WWE writers thinking? This has gone on long enough and a heel turn from Mickie along with a title win could have really pumped up a Royal Rumble rematch. Maybe they're just waiting for the Rumble to pull this off, because you know it's going to happen.

Gregory Helms vs. The King: The King is the victor. Who did Helms piss off backstage in order to get buried last night from an older announcer? They should have let Helms turn The King into a bloody mess! Hopefully this won't happen again.

Ric Flair vs. Edge: Flair wins. I called this last week because I knew it was getting close for Edge to use his money in the bank title shot. Flair keeps his dignity and Edge moves on in another direction. Well, not until the Royal Rumble is finished. Let's see how Edge and Lita respond to Flair's interruption of the live sex show from Raw that was WAY TOO LONG!

Elimination Chamber Match: John Cena wins. I called it, too, BUT I didn't think that Edge would come out and take an injured Cena out in less than two minutes and win the belt. With Cena getting booed out of the house again, I guess this makes sense. But it'll be interesting to see how they're going to set up feuds now. Cena, Edge, and Kurt Angle in a three way dance at the Royal Rumble, maybe?

Monday's Raw was a decent show. The promo that Cena gave that acknowledges his haters actually drew him more props…especially at the end of the show when he FU'd Lita.

Shelton Benjamin's new angle with his momma is horrible. I don't want to hear this lady talk and scream at ringside every Monday! Now Shelton is winning through interference and not with the skills we all know he has.

What's the deal with the Big Show and Kane as a tag-team? When was the last time you saw them defend the titles or even walk down to the ring together? Something has to be done about this and Kane really needs to move over to Smackdown soon.

And to wrap it up, did anyone else cringe during the ladies “wrestling” match last night? Whose idea was it to send Ashley in the ring for a CHAMPIONSHIP match this early? It was horrible. It was so bad that's why I think Lillian Garcia messed up announcing who the winner of the match was.

On a side note, I didn't get to watch all of TNA's Impact this week (due to the crappy timeslot) but from what I saw, it was another excellent show and I think I'll actually buy the PPV on Sunday. Hopefully I'll get on the ball of taping TNA so I can start praising things in this column instead of just bitching. You'd like that, wouldn't you?

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