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Career Corner: How to sell yourself on paper

Susan Coyne, Career Services Consultant | Interrobang | News | January 23rd, 2006

Your resume is one of the most important tools you have in promoting yourself to an employer. First impressions are lasting ones! While your resume won't get you a job, it should get you that all important interview.

Getting Started: Start by creating a list of information about you. Many of the following headings will be appropriate.

Name: If you call yourself Andy Scott, fine. If you are Andrew Scott, use that. Above all just be consistent.

Address & Telephone: Make sure all the information about your postal address is correct — don't forget your postal code and include your email address. Include all of your numbers (voice, fax, cellular) as well as the correct area code.

Education: List your education in reverse chronological order. List College/University, High School, with Diplomas or Degrees granted, (or year expected), with the cities, provinces, years attended and years of graduation. It can also be useful to an employer if you mention relevant courses Employment History: Again start with your most recent experience and work backwards. Include Employer/Company Name, with the City, Province, the years and months, your job title, a brief description of your duties and responsibilities, and mention any special projects or initiatives that you completed.

Volunteer Work: List the names of organizations you volunteered with, include the years, any elected position you may have held, and a brief description of your responsibilities.

Awards and Achievements: List any special awards from work, scholastic achievements or community activities.

Interests/Memberships: Mention your spare-time activities. Include a list of memberships in professional organizations.

References: You aren't obliged to include references on your resume. Instead, have a separate page with your complete contact information on the top. Make sure you contact each of them for permission before you list them. Confirm with them the proper spelling of their name, title or position, company, address, and telephone number.

For more information, drop by the Career Services office located in Room F2010 for additional information or assistance.
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