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Letter of the Week: Honesty is obviously not the best policy

Chris Rose | Opinion | January 23rd, 2006

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My son and I celebrated his 19th birthday with a few friends at the Out Back Shack on Friday the 13th of January.

We are both first year students at Fanshawe and hope we don't experience too many negative incidents like the one we did this past weekend.

We left the bar around 8:30 and didn't realize we'd left his gift at the bar until later. We left a couple messages for the staff letting them know what had happened and that one of us would drop in Monday morning to see if it was still there. Sure enough, the gift bag was left behind the bar, I'm guessing some kind soul turned it in to them. But that is where the kindness ended...someone took the time to carefully go though the contents of the gift bag and help themselves to the gift card my son received. They took the time to open his birthday card from its envelope and remove the gift card then return the birthday card back into the envelope before returning it to the gift bag.

The cost of this gift card is not the issue, it is the lack of honesty and respect this person had for someone else's property. My son is quite angry and we are both very disappointed.

Is honesty something of the past? Have we taken the “what's in it for me” attitude too far? Incidents like the one we just experienced don't leave us with much hope of truth, honesty or respect being honoured.

For the person who is enjoying my son's birthday cards can be traced so be careful when you spend it.
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