Support Staff Strike Update

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Ontario colleges and support staff workers were unable to reach an agreement during the bargaining process by the September 1 deadline. As a result, approximately 8,000 members of the Ontario Public Services Employees Union at 24 colleges across Ontario are now on strike.

Leanne Perreault, Manager of Corporate Communications at Fanshawe advised students to continue on and come to campus as scheduled. “There are some areas that are normally staffed by support staff workers they're being staffed by part-time and management staff,” said Perrault. This includes the Registrar's Office and Financial Aid. She stressed that students should go to any Financial Aid appointments they already have, and can continue calling to set up future appointments, but should be aware that there may be some delays and to plan accordingly.

It is important for students to be patient, respectful and allow for extra time when coming to campus, as some services will be running slower than normal. “Safety is everybody's top priority here so we want to make sure that everything goes without incident,” said Perreault, pointing out that there is a guide on how to safely cross a picket line on the Fanshawe College website.

Perreault reminded students that it is vital to treat each other with respect. “The people who are on strike are really important people to the success of the college, we all are. Everybody contributes to student learning and student success.” If students have any course-specific questions, like potential changes to labs, Perreault suggested they speak directly with their instructors or teachers.

Fanshawe Student Union President Veronica Barahona advised students to remain calm throughout the strike. “I know it's rough, it's the first couple days of school, but it's important. A settlement will come. I believe in our support staff and I believe in our administration.” The FSU is always available to help any students who have concerns or issues.

For more information on the strike visit and be sure to check your myfanshawe account for strike updates.