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Interrobang articles by Kirsten Rosenkrantz

It can be easy eating green
Finding ways to eat green can be difficult, especially when you’re a student, but there are lots of ways to be environmentally aware when choosing what to eat, as well as how and where you get your food. According to Ironman participa... Read this article

Celebrate V-Day in a new way
Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day with a long-term beau or just starting a new relationship, there's a lot to do in London on this day of love. Love Bumps There are lots of easily accessible hills in London that make for some great tobogg... Read this article

Tuition grant and student poverty
With the deadline having just passed for students to apply for this term's 30 per cent tuition rebate, questions have been raised about how many eligible students actually applied, what ineligible students can do and how all post-secondary s... Read this article

Greening your plate
Finding ways to eat green can be difficult, especially when you're a student, but there are lots of ways to be environmentally aware when choosing what to eat, as well as, how and where you get your food. According to runner, author and bl... Read this article

Showcasing student innovation
On April 4, Fanshawe College is holding its first annual Student Research and Innovation Day (SRID). The event brings together some of Fanshawe's most innovative students in a friendly competition with some great prizes. Danielle Phillips,... Read this article

Diary of the unemployed
We have all heard about the fluctuation of Canada's unemployment rates on the news over the past couple of years, but I've found that this information remains an abstract idea until you yourself are a part of that statistic. Statistics Canad... Read this article

How to answer typical interview questions
Looking for a job can be one of the most overwhelming and stressful processes that we all have to go through. When that oh-so-exciting moment comes and you are offered an interview, the combination of nerves and excitement can be enough to mak... Read this article

Young, fresh, profesh
Transitioning from school style to workplace wear can be tough. Amy Casson, Owner of Polished Image, and Mirella Zanatta, Owner of First Impressions Image Consulting, have some tips for how you can dress appropriately for an interview without f... Read this article

Hey @you! Get #social with your #jobhunt
Social media isn't just for socializing anymore. Companies have started to use social media sites to advertise job opportunities and are checking your social media accounts before hiring you. We've all be cautioned against posting scand... Read this article

Fleming riots burn Fanshawe College
On the night of March 17, St. Patrick's Day celebrations on Fleming Drive spiraled downward into a full-blown riot. The City of London, London Police Service, Fanshawe College and the London community as a whole have been left trying to fi... Read this article

Kony: Need to know
- Joseph Kony was born in 1961 in Uganda, Africa. - He created the Lord's Resistance Army in northern Uganda in 1987. - Kony and the LRA are known for their actions against people in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, C... Read this article

Your innovative thinking could pay off big
Ontario Centres of Excellence is hosting their annual Discovery conference on May 14 and 15 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The Discovery 2012 Conference takes ideas from innovation to commercialization. It brings together key figures ... Read this article

Making Ontario credit transfers more efficient
One of the features of the education section of Ontario's Drummond Report discussed the need to simplify the credit transfer system between and among Ontario colleges and universities. As a result, Ontario's credit-transfer system is undergoin... Read this article

Drummond Report: Need to Know
In the middle of February, the former Chief Economist for TD Bank, Don Drummond, released a 665-page, two-volume report containing 362 recommendations for how the Ontario government can balance their books. As it stands, Ontario's debt is $215 ... Read this article

The pretty great Gatsby
It was a night of grand debuts on Friday, February 17 at the Grand Theatre. In fact, the majority of the cast of The Great Gatsby was performing at the Grand for the first time, including leads Greg Gale as Nick Carraway, Christine Horne as Daisy Buc... Read this article

Yo, man! Meet your new Interim VP Internal
The Fanshawe Student Union has a newly elected Interim Vice President of Internal Affairs. The previous VP, Sam Slade, resigned her position, leaving a hole in the FSU lineup. The Student Administrative Council recently elected Jason Yeoman as... Read this article

Preparing for a national skills shortage
On February 6, 61 presidents from colleges, institutes and polytechnics across Canada assembled at Parliament Hill in Ottawa to engage in a dialogue about the future of Canadian employment. Dr. Howard Rundle, the President of Fanshawe College,... Read this article

EMD: Need to Know
- Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD) is wholly owned by Progress Rail Services Corporation, which is owned by Caterpillar Inc. - EMD builds diesel-electric locomotives and locomotive products for the rail and transit industry - The... Read this article

Lights, cellphone, ACTION!
For the second year in a row, RedCat Film and the London Fringe Theatre Festival are working together to present the Shot on Mobile Short Film Showcase. This contest encourages Londoners to get creative and be original in making a short film. ... Read this article

Delightful winter dates
It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day to have a fun winter date. Here are some ideas for cheap or free local things to do for everything from your first date to your 500th. Love Bumps There are lots of easily accessible hills in London that ... Read this article

Immerse yourself in local history and art
There are many places in London where you can look at amazing art, learn about local and Canadian history or get creative and make some of your own art. There's everything from art galleries displaying local paintings to some with international ... Read this article

A new spin on Black History Month
Every February since 1976, North Americans have observed Black History Month, a month dedicated to honouring and educating youth about key figures in black history. This year, a group of Fanshawe students have put a different spin on things, c... Read this article

Youth Opportunities Unlimited puts a cap on youth homelessness
For the second year in a row, Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) has been selected by Raising the Roof to lead their campaign in London. They are asking Londoners to show their support by purchasing a Raising the Roof toque. The toque campaig... Read this article

Journalists make news with viral outbreak
On January 11, approximately 350 student journalists from universities and colleges across Canada travelled to the Harbour Tower Hotel and Suites in Victoria, British Columbia, for the annual Canadian University Press (CUP) conference. The 74t... Read this article

Home remedies
There are a number of ingredients that we all have in homes that can be used to help us stay healthy, ranging from relieving a cough to increasing our general overall wellbeing. with help from a couple of home remedy blogs and websites (such ... Read this article

Cheap & healthy staples
With late-night studying sessions crammed between weekend-long benders, healthy eating may not be at the forefront of students' minds. but whether your weakness is pizza, tacos, burgers or pasta, there are many easy ways to incorporate healthy foo... Read this article

Squashing the stigma of medical cannabis
Marijuana use is on the rise in Canada, with 16.8 per cent of Canadians aged 15 to 64 (just over 3.9 million people) admitting using it in 2007, up from 7.4 per cent in 1994. In 2004, 45.5 per cent of Canadians said they had tried marijuana at s... Read this article

Application open for tuition grant
As of January 5, post-secondary students in Ontario were able to apply to receive 30 per cent off of their tuition. Students who apply now will see this grant affect this semester, lowering tuition by $800 for university and college degree stu... Read this article

Private donations fund new Fanshawe program
Fanshawe College's St. Thomas/Elgin campus is celebrating the generous private donations they recently received for their new program that will continue to grow Fanshawe's reputation as an innovative leader in the community. This money will su... Read this article

Strombo is coming to Fanshawe
The Fanshawe Student Union and the Fanshawe Alumni Association have combined their forces to bring a Canadian icon to the college. On January 13, CBC's George Stroumboulopoulos is coming to Fanshawe to share some of his experiences from his 2... Read this article

12 Bars of Christmas

The anatomy of a perfect Christmas stocking
Underwear & Socks: You know you're an adult when you look forward to receiving staples such as underwear and socks as gifts. Lottery Scratch Cards: Try your luck this holiday season. If you don't win big, at least you had fun. If you do wi... Read this article

Top 5 holiday gifts
Books The Help Kathryn Stockett This book tells the story of black maids working in white households in the 1960s, and the struggles Skeeter, a white writer, faces when chronicling the lives of these women. The Man in the Rockefell... Read this article

Have a delicious holiday
Hosting a party this season? Be the host with the most using some of our favourite easy recipes. Appetizers Smoked Sausage Cups - All-purpose flour - 1 sheet Pepperid... Read this article

The year of 2011
Celebrity Losses Jack Layton: Layton was the leader of the New Democratic Party in Canada from 2003 to 2011. In the 2011 federal election, he led the NDP to a historic 103 seats, making Layton the most successful leader electorally in NDP history. ... Read this article

Ontarians sure know how to party
New Year's Eve is one of the most exciting and fun nights of the year. You get to celebrate (or move on from) everything that's happened over the past year and look towards a new year. Whether you're planning a family-friendly celebration or a... Read this article

Use your imagination to help you achieve
In mid-November, Dr. Natascha Wesch of Elite Mind Performance came to speak at Fanshawe about the illusion of sport. Wesch is a Mental Skills Coach and Sport Psychology Consultant for various varsity, provincial, national and international ath... Read this article

Greek funnyman returns to London
Montreal-born Angelo Tsarouchas' career as a comedian has come a long way since it began. The way he tells it, his career started when he was a child. "I was in grade five and I was telling some jokes (to my classmates) and my teacher said 'A... Read this article

How the Mighty is rising
Many talented and creative people have been passing through the halls of Fanshawe College over the past 40 or so years, so it's no surprise that every once in a while, someone makes it big. People like ET Canada's Cheryl Hickey, Survivorman Le... Read this article

Fashionable paws with a charitable cause
A group of second-year Fashion Merchandising students are organizing a fashion show fundraiser for our furry friends. On November 25 at the Highland Golf and Country Club, the Fashion For Paws show will raise awareness and money for CanFix and... Read this article

Top sites for buying and selling
We all know that one of the best ways to save money is by finding a good deal, especially when it comes to expensive items like couches or computers. No matter what you're looking for, there are lots of websites to help you find items that are ge... Read this article

Students revitalizing fashion with a little love
Every year, Fanshawe's firstand second-year Fashion Merchandising students work together to put on a unique fashion show, giving old clothes a new life. This year's Revamped Fashion Show: Re-duce, Re-use, Re-love will feature clothes donated b... Read this article

Defining the 'hood'
When society discusses the 'hood,' a number of places are mentioned: South Central L.A.; Compton, California; the Harlem neighbourhood in New York; and even Jane and Finch in Toronto, but where we get our individual notions can come from very ... Read this article

The Three Day Road
Growing up in Canada, I heard many stories about World War I in school. I heard about Vimy Ridge, the Somme and Ypres. I heard about trench foot, no man's land and came to recognize the poppy as an iconic symbol in Canadian history. What was n... Read this article

Men's cross country team snags gold, heads to B.C. for championships
For the third consecutive year, and the fourth time in the past five years, Fanshawe's men's cross country team won this year's Ontario Colleges Athletic Association Cross Country Championships. The Humber team finished the championship in sec... Read this article

Occupy this!
Over the past few weeks, the Occupy Wall Street movement has spread to nearly 2,000 cities globally, and around two weeks ago, London saw its own Occupy group set up camp in Victoria Park. After reading many news stories about how disruptive Oc... Read this article

Get involved with Global Vision
In this year's provincial and federal elections, low youth voter turnout proved to be a continuing problem in Canada, showing that many Canadian youth remain disengaged from the political process. Global Vision is a national organization that ... Read this article

Lightning's local player a proud Fanshawe alumni
On October 25, I had the chance to swing by the London Lightning's practice. With their regular season home opener on November 3 at the John Labatt Centre just a week away, I was fortunate enough to snag Fanshawe alum Pat Sewell for a quick Q&... Read this article

Cackles, chuckles, guffaws and snorts in store for London
The legendary Just For Laughs Group is known for hilarious comedy tours, television shows and live comedy, some of which has included celebrities such as Jerry Seinfeld, Jeremy Hotz, Louis C.K. and Steve Martin. Founded in 1983 in Montreal, Ju... Read this article

"Aspie" educates and entertains
On October 21, the very inspirational (and very funny) Jay Serdula came to Fanshawe College to speak to students from the Autism and Behavioural Science program. Serdula has a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics, a Master's in Physics/Oceanogra... Read this article

Get your bits checked!
With National Cervical Cancer Awareness Week having just wrapped up and Movember just beginning, health is on a lot of people's minds — specifically, cervix and prostate health. With eye-catching awareness campaigns that incorporate ev... Read this article

Be a bro grow a mo
On October 31, men in countries all around the world shave their faces in preparation for one of the most exiting campaigns of the year. Movember is becoming one of the world's most recognizable campaigns where men, also known as Mo Bros, r... Read this article

Costume ideas for lazy people
Whether you're putting a ton of effort into your costume or none at all, here are some ideas to get you well on your way to costume contest victory. No effort Condom Cut out holes for your arms and head in an industrial-sized garbage ba... Read this article

Fanshawe student diagnosed with meningococcal disease
On October 17, the Middlesex- London Health Unit advised Fanshawe College that a Fanshawe student had been diagnosed with meningococcal disease. A notice from the Health Unit has been posted on the My Fanshawe staff and student portal. Meni... Read this article

Student-area break and enters real cause for concern
A recent trend of residential break and enters is of particular concern to students in London. According to a media release sent out by the London Police Service, there have been numerous break and enters in areas mainly occupied by students, includi... Read this article

Event connects young people with Parkinson's
Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario will be holding its first Life in Balance workshop for people with Young-Onset Parkinson's at the Delta London Armouries Hotel on Saturday, October 22. The workshop is sponsored by Simple Financial and ru... Read this article

Werstine helps students get back in motion
Fanshawe College's Rob Werstine, a Physiotherapist at the Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine Clinic, has recently become the new President of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. The president is decided through a democratic process where an op... Read this article

Fanshawe's hockey elite gear up for big season
Fanshawe College's competitive extramural men's and women's hockey teams are gearing up for the 2011/12 season. This tournament league features 32 teams, with around 700 players in the men's league and 100 in the women's. Eric Collins, Head... Read this article

The cult of Epic Meal Time
On October 5, the guys from Epic Meal Time rolled onto campus for a live version of their hit YouTube show. For those of you who don't know, EMT is a YouTube sensation that took off a little over a year ago where a group of men make disgusting... Read this article

Strike-related terminations cause controversy
On Monday, October 3, the Ontario Public Service Employees Union ran an advertisement in the London Free Press. The advertisement read, "Reinstate fired workers at Fanshawe College," and was printed in an effort to gain public support for thei... Read this article

Tag, you're it
There has been a recent trend on Fanshawe College's main campus in the past few weeks that is costing students thousands of dollars. According to Security Supervisor Bob Earle, a couple of graffiti taggers have created about $2,500 worth of ... Read this article

College voting stations pulled
Student unions at colleges across Ontario are voicing their concern with the way Elections Ontario is handling the 2011 provincial election. As a result of the provincewide support staff strike, Elections Ontario decided to pull all advanced a... Read this article

Fanshawe unveils its newest campus
After much anticipation, Fanshawe College finally announced exactly where the new School of Applied and Performing Arts will be housed. On September 22, Dr. Howard Rundle held a press conference announcing that Fanshawe College is purchasing ... Read this article

Bubble blowing smart mob
On September 22 a group of students held a bubble blowing smart mob outside of the Covent Garden Market. The event was a part of the Ontario Lung Association campaign to urge people to think about lung health when they vote on October 6.... Read this article

OCAA back in action
On September 18, Ontario's 24 colleges and the Ontario Public Service Employees Union reached a tentative agreement, sending the Ontario College Athletic Association into full swing to work out modified schedules for fall league sports. Fan... Read this article

How do students feel about the strike?
I have been covering the support staff strike since before it began, when both sides were still at the bargaining table, and I must admit, it can get a bit tiring. As is to be expected with strike situations, each side is presenting their own vi... Read this article

Wikipedia offers students $1,000 scholarship
Wikipedia: we all know it, we all love it, and many of us even contribute to it. This year, Wikimedia Canada is offering a $1,000 scholarship to a student currently enrolled in a post-secondary institution who makes the greatest improvement to... Read this article

FSU has sex... ual awareness days
Sex, condoms, pornography, birth control, lubrication, Chlamydia, g-spot, masturbation ... Now that the ice is broken, this year's Sexual Awareness Days, which run from September 19 to 21, shouldn't be too awkward. The week starts with a ban... Read this article

College and union both hope for a resolution; neither willing to meet in the middle
On September 9, day nine of the support staff strike, Dr. Howard Rundle, President of Fanshawe College, held a press conference in order to address the possibility of any future bargaining between the colleges and Ontario Public Service Employees Uni... Read this article

Fanshawe's first Terry Fox Run
The story of Terry Fox is one that has been shared among Canadians for decades. A young man of great determination and a strong belief in miracles, Fox inspired an entire nation and left a legacy that can be seen each September at Terry Fox ru... Read this article

Trixx to treat OBS crowd
Offering his refreshing style of comedy, Frankie "Trixx" Agyemang is headlining the Free Comedy Night at the Out Back Shack on September 14. For such a successful talent, Trixx took an interesting path to becoming a comedian. "I was a DJ at... Read this article

Get in the SAC
This month, the Fanshawe Student Union is inviting students to hop in the SAC with them! Nominations opened for the Student Administrative Council election on August 29 and will close Friday, September 16 at 4 p.m. The SAC consists of stude... Read this article

Support staff and colleges come to a standoff
Ontario colleges and support staff workers have failed to reach an agreement on a new contract, sending approximately 8,000 members of the Ontario Public Services Employees Union at 24 colleges across Ontario out on strike. The bargaining proc... Read this article

Support Staff Strike Update
Ontario colleges and support staff workers were unable to reach an agreement during the bargaining process by the September 1 deadline. As a result, approximately 8,000 members of the Ontario Public Services Employees Union at 24 colleges across Onta... Read this article

Shine on, Fanshawe
September marks the start of shine season, a time when postsecondary students gather at campuses across Canada to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis research. Shinerama is a fundraising campaign that started in the 1960s with a group of studen... Read this article

Lightning strikes in London
Four-time NBA all-star Michael Ray Richardson has been announced as the head coach of the London Lightning, London's first professional basketball team. The Lightning will compete in the new National Basketball League of Canada, which features... Read this article

New coaches on Falcons staff
This season, the Fanshawe Falcons are welcoming new coaching staff to their nest. Fanshawe College's Manager of Athletics Mike Lindsay recently announced Mark Peckham as the new head coach of the varsity women's volleyball program. The new ass... Read this article

Support staff could strike while union and college sniping intensifies
Across Ontario, the college support staff union has spent weeks bargaining with colleges. A total of 24 college union groups, known as Locals, are involved. There are three areas support staff have been looking at during the bargaining proce... Read this article

Merlin House Residence open house
On August 11, Merlin House Residence (R3) held an Open House to showcase their stunning facilities. Merlin House is Fanshawe's most recently built residence, having been completed in 2009. This facility has conference services and space for 400 r... Read this article

London's first airsoft range opens
Forest City Surplus has opened London's first airsoft range after noticing a growing interest in the sport. Airsoft is a sport that uses replica firearms to shoot smaller diameter plastic pellets out of spring-, battery- or gas-powered guns. Read this article

Day One won't be their last
Local band Metro4 is starting their Canadian tour right here in London by having their album release party on April 23 at Rum Runners at The London Music Hall. Their second album, Day One, was released on April 1. This album follows their su... Read this article

London is Shore in for a good time
Pauly Shore is an iconic figure from the '90s, and anyone who has seen his films has been left with an endless list of funny one-liners. On April 15 he is coming to the London Music Hall, and I must admit, I'm counting down the days. I have... Read this article

Pick your party - who are you voting for?
With the federal election coming up on May 2, it's important to head into the polls armed with some knowledge about each party. Here are a few points you should know about each of the main parties' stance on issues that affect students and soo... Read this article

Spring for Japan Fundraiser
Would you pay good money to see two English teachers in a fight? This week, that's what you'll be able to do. From April 11 to April 15, the School of Language and Liberal Studies and the Fanshawe Student Union will be raising funds for the ... Read this article

Three easy tips to green your everyday life
Borrow, don't buy This not only keeps excess packaging out of landfills, it also keeps a little more money in your wallet. Take advantage of the library (we've got a great one on campus!), throw a clothing swap with your friends and borrow househol... Read this article

Take this food and rub it!
When we think about what it means to "go green," we usually think about recycling, reusable bags and containers, composting and riding bikes. But have you ever thought about what going green can mean for your beauty regime? According to toxicnatio... Read this article

Green up your plate
Finding ways to eat green can be difficult, especially when you're a student, but there are lots of ways to be environmentally aware when choosing what, how, and where you get your food. According to runner, author and blogger Mark Sisson, there a... Read this article

Local business profile: Covent Garden Market
To market, to market, to buy... everything Living here in London certainly has its pros and cons. Trying to find good, locally produced food and products can definitely be a bit of a hunt, but we're lucky to have the Covent Garden Market. The... Read this article

Bad behaviour can ruin the reputations of many
Every year, students look forward to St. Patrick's Day; it's like the Halloween of spring. You get to dress up in ridiculous costumes and party all day with your friends. For the most part, St. Patty's can be a day full of fun, but unfortunatel... Read this article

Need a job? Career Services is here to help
The school year is quickly coming to an end, and for some of you this means trying to find summer employment until the next school year. For others, this is the time when you transition from student to professional. Looking for employment can ... Read this article

How to answer typical interview questions
Looking for a job can be one of the most overwhelming and stressful processes that we all have to go through. When that oh-so-exciting moment comes and you are offered an interview, the combination of nerves and excitement can be enough to make you n... Read this article

Diary of the unemployed
We have all heard about the fluctuation of Canada's unemployment rates on the news over the past couple of years, but I've found that this information remains an abstract idea until you yourself are a part of that statistic. Statistics Canada... Read this article

Western Heads East saves lives with yogurt
There are currently 22.5 million people living with HIV in sub- Saharan Africa. With this continuing epidemic in mind, a group of University of Western Ontario students, faculty and staff came together to create the group Western Heads East. ... Read this article

A new forum for a serious issue
We were all shown videos in high school about the dangers that go along with drinking irresponsibly, and have all seen the commercials on TV telling us how dangerous drinking and driving is. The seriousness of this issue is something that has ... Read this article

In the jungle, the urban jungle
Each year, a group of dedicated students come together to put on an entertaining night of fashion and dance, all for a good cause. OHM Fashion Show's ninth annual event, taking place on Friday, March 18 at 7 p.m. at Centennial Hall, is supporti... Read this article

This is the Con you're looking for
Grab your lightsaber, put in your fangs, throw your underwear on over your spandex and get ready! The Wizard World Toronto Comic Con is a weekend-long event that brings the best in movies, comics, toys, video gaming, games, TV, anime, manga, h... Read this article

Do you know Genevieve Fisher?
When you get the privilege of seeing a musician or band perform before they start winning Grammys and headlining world tours, you become a member of that elite club that gets to say "I knew about them years ago." Well, I recently became a memb... Read this article

Judge the (hand)book by its cover
This is your chance to get your artwork on the cover of the 2011/2012 Fanshawe Student Handbook with the Fanshawe Student Union's annual Handbook cover contest. Take advantage of this incredible chance to have your work printed and distribu... Read this article

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