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Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | January 30th, 2006

TNA's show on Saturday night was pretty well put together. The feud between the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles seems to be heating up. I think that the Angel will interfere and throw the towel in during the upcoming match between Styles and Samoa Joe at the next PPV.

Who will Sting's next opponent be and what will he have to say to the TNA crowd? We'll find out next Saturday. That should make for some interesting TV.

Onto the Smackdown side of things, the WWE put on another decent show although we had to see Chris Benoit, Randy Orton and Booker T involved with each other again. Please, let's move on, people.

On Raw, we saw the regular “before the PPV” show. We have a taste of what's to come but nothing too eventful happened. The Shelton Benjamin vs. HBK match was pretty solid and I was impressed once again by Benjamin. Too bad I have to watch it with the sound off so I don't have to hear his “momma.” I also have to say that I was totally impressed with all of Ashley's spots in her match. I've never seen Ashley do some of the moves that she performed (like jumping off the top rope into a cross body splash). You can tell this girl has been training.

The Royal Rumble is this coming Sunday (as of the time that I'm writing this) so I'm going to see if I can pick the winners of this event or at least do better than the New Year's Revolution PPV.

The Boogeyman vs. JBL — It's been nice that JBL decided to help the Boogeyman get into the limelight. I just don't see the former champ laying down for the amusing worm eating freak. I give this one to JBL…unless his lady decides to help Mr. Boogey.

Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry for the Heavyweight championship — Ok…Davari is still employed by the WWE and is helping Henry now. Angle just won the belt and will probably carry it to WM22 so no matter how much Davari interferes it won't make any difference. Angle wins this one.

John Cena vs. Edge for the WWE championship — This is a little tough to call. Cena got booed for months so the WWE shocks us and has Edge win the title. The belt is still spinning and hasn't been changed back to the classic belt that every other champ has worn. Is that a sign? I don't know. I think that this one will end in a DQ and allow Edge to keep the belt. What does that set up for WM22 for Cena? I guess well have to wait and see who wins the Rumble.

Mickey James vs. Ashley — Mickey James will pick up the win here, and she may beat Ashley to a bloody pulp after the match which will cause Trish to come down and get a good beating by Mickey as well which will set up their WM22 match.

The Royal Rumble — RVD will make his return but I think you'll see him go right after Carlito and start setting up their feud. HBK is a favourite but I'm still calling that Mr. McMahon will screw him during the match. Benoit could get the push he needs at the Rumble but I'm sure Orton or Booker T will do something to prevent him from winning. The Big Show and Kane won't win because they're too big and tag champs.

So who does that leave? Well, after looking at those people above that probably could win and looking at the list of participants filled with contestants from both shows who have never won anything, it looks like HHH's promise of winning the Rumble will come true. But who will he face? Angle? Edge? Cena? Will there be a three way dance that involves HHH, Edge and Cena?

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