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The Heel Turn: No confidence in Triple H

Scott Stringle | Interrobang | Sports | October 17th, 2011

Last week brought some shocking developments on both the TNA and WWE fronts.

First up on RAW, The tension between Triple H and his employees threatened to boil over. Several superstars, including Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger and David Otunga, made it perfectly clear that they were not happy with Triple H's performance as the Chief Operating Officer of the WWE. They felt that the boss was not providing them with a safe work environment, due to the fact that Awesome Truth was able to constantly get into the building and assault people, despite being fired by Triple H a few weeks ago.

Otunga assumed leadership of the superstars who had an axe to grind, seeing as how he is the only one with a law degree. He decided that the only way to force Triple H out was to start a lawsuit against the company, which the other coconspirators were quick to agree with. It has backfired on some of them, as Triple H has thrown Rhodes and Christian into matches they were not expecting as punishment for "crossing the boss."

The flames of mutiny were fanned further by John Laurinaitis, the VP of talent relations. He seems to have been doing all he can behind Triple H's back to undermine his authority.

It all came to a head when a vote of confidence was organized, and the entire WWE roster (except for John Cena, Sheamus and CM Punk) surrounded Triple H, who was standing in the ring. Triple H attempted to justify his performance as the boss, but the superstars would not hear it and unanimously voted no confidence in him. Jerry Lawler made a surprise return and told Triple H that as long as he was the man in charge, nobody was safe, and he informed Triple H that he was walking out. The rest of the roster followed Lawler's lead and left the building, even the faces. An intense moment occurred then when JR was the last one left at the announcer's table. He sat there contemplating, then removed his headset and took his leave as well. With none of the WWE superstars or employees having confidence in Triple H's authority, how long can he be the boss?

Over on Impact Wrestling, the moment that fans have been waiting for finally arrived, as Hulk Hogan agreed to wrestle Sting at Bound For Glory. Hogan has been dodging Sting for weeks, and he made the official announcement last Thursday that he is retiring from the business. It was perhaps a heartbreaking moment for many Hulkamaniacs, until Sting came out dressed in Hogan's signature classic red and yellow. Sting informed Hogan that he had hidden camera footage, and as the video played it showed Hogan and Bischoff laughing backstage about how Hogan's retirement was all a lie. Hogan just about lost it on Sting and angrily told him that he would fight him at Bound For Glory, and if Sting won, he would get the company back for Dixie Carter. Hogan realized what he had said immediately but it was too late, the challenge had been accepted in front of all the Impact fans. This ensures that Bound For Glory will be the must-see PPV of the year, as the stakes have never been higher.
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