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My 15 minutes with ... Reversing Falls

Taylor Marshall | Interrobang | Lifestyles | October 17th, 2011

If you are an electronic pop fan and haven't heard Reversing Falls, you are truly missing out. This Montréal-based band is about to explode onto the Canadian music scene with their first full-length album due out in January. Their three previous singles, "Recoder," "Doom Beach/Little Goodbye" and "Is This Thing On?" are proof that the band can dish out short but sweet hits. Last week, I got the chance to talk to Tyler Crawford, lead vocalist and guitarist of Reversing Falls, over the phone while he and his bandmates were on a break while on tour in Manitoba:

How did the band start?
"Me and the bass player Jesse have known each other for years and we used to work in a guitar store in New Brunswick. I was in another band and he kind of helped us out with recording. Then he moved to Montréal and I moved there a year later, and then a friend of ours from St. John's had moved to town. We had a three-piece band with guitar, bass and drums that started in 2007. Then we added our current guitarist Charlie in 2009. About a year and a half ago, our drummer left and then we replaced him with a drum machine, and that's kind of the gradual process that led us to where we are right now."

You have worked with Mark Lawson two times before on your past EPs, Recoder and Little Goodbye/Doom Beach, and he has worked with another great Montréal-based band, Arcade Fire. What was it like to work with him again on your latest single "Is This Thing On?"?
"It's really great. He's a friend of mine. I do repair work for audio equipment and I have a recording studio. I worked for him before as an assistant and he's a highly professional guy and really talented at what he does. He's especially good at making small suggestions that have a really big impact and organizing the workload of what it takes to make a seriously good recording. He's a really positive guy; he is really friendly and a really nice person to be around. When you're in a recording studio working on music, it's basically like a bunch of people in a small room listening to the same thing over and over and being really particular, and it can get tense. Sometimes there are people who have different opinions, but he's really good at keeping the work flow going, making suggestions and fostering a really good environment, which is really important."

With your first full-length album coming out in January, what can we expect from it and what do you hope you accomplished with it?
"I would say sonically it's a bit more hi-fi. The songs are a bit more focused and longer than some of our other ones; the structures are a little more flushed out — that's one of the things Mark has helped us out with. We have done a lot of pre-production where we just worked on the song and the song structures. The songs are really solid structurally. Personally, I think sound-wise it just comes out really loud, huge and crazy while still retaining a really melodic pop sensibility. I really worked a lot on the lyrics and I am happier with the lyrics on this record as opposed to some of the other stuff. It's a little more focused, personal and even more direct. In terms of what we would like to accomplish with it, we would like to get out to a wider audience or just try to connect to people who might be into a similar thing."

What are you looking forward to the most on this upcoming Canadian tour?
"I think for all of us this is our first big driving trip around Canada, so aside from the shows and meeting new people and playing in new places, we're looking forward to getting out of town for a while, away from work just to travel for a bit and relax on the road. Also to see the scenery because I am from Eastern Canada, like New Brunswick, where it's like hills everywhere all the time and out here it's nice and flat. It's kind of surreal in a way."

Reversing Falls were at the Black Shire Pub in London on October 13. For more information on Reversing Falls check out and follow them on Twitter @ReversingFalls.
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