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Five things needed to be fashionable

Christina Kubiw Kalashnik | Interrobang | Lifestyles | October 17th, 2011

Every girl has a "thing:" some girls are all about shoes, while others are all about scarves or jewelry or purses. Don't focus on one garment or look: here are some things everyone should be into.

Bravery and Confidence
I cannot tell you what a turn I feel fashion has taken. We are all becoming bland: we're t-shirts and jeans type of people … with occasional logos. We are essentially walking billboards for the brands we wear. It has become ridiculous that people resort to the unoriginality of a Hollister logo on a plain white t-shirt to make themselves feel more special, when the same tshirt without the logo would probably look better with a new statement necklace.

Clothing Organization
Do you know how much easier it is to get ready in the morning if your clothes are organized? Picking your clothes off the ground and throwing them on is NOT a system. I'll open my life up to you and let you in on a secret: I organize my clothes by type and colour. I have a dresser that's organized by garment category, which means tank tops, pants and long-sleeved shirts are all in separate drawers. Within those drawers, you will find the clothing organized into colour groups: white, black and others. Not only that, but I have a rolling rack stacked with my funkiest pieces that is also organized by colour. It makes my life easier in the morning when I'm not sure what I want to wear. If I feel like wearing a risqué blue or classic black, it's easier for me to find so I'm not late for class.

Chances are, if you're reading this article, you've read a women's magazine before. Women's magazines always have this great section that shows you how to wear something several different ways. I fully suggest playing dress-up one day and figuring out what looks best on you, because after three weeks of wearing a top and some jeans, it gets tiring. Learn to wear a t-shirt with a leopard print vest and some black skinny jeans, and maybe a pair of combat boots. Don't just pair your shirts with a pant, think about colour, detailing and especially TEXTURE. Add interest to your outfits by mixing and matching things that are a little wilder together, you'll get a good reaction, I promise.

Knowingly repeating myself, I do so to stress importance. Class is a virtue that our society is lacking. Nowadays TV is filled with skanky girls who think life is all about cleavage and butt. Well, NEWS FLASH — it's not. Women exploit themselves far too often nowadays. Class is the demonstration of stylish superiority. However, this extends itself to personality as well. Ask yourself: are you classy? Are you kind? Are you generous? Are you reliable? Do people look up to you? Class is a state of being. It's your attitude and the way you approach a situation. Be polite but have fun. Don't get 'hammered' and let everything hang loose. Learn to be an elevated being — it's fashionable.

Sometimes we try to look like someone else or be someone else, but the most important thing you can really love is you. We need to recognize that fashion is a means of expressing who we are, but if you are expressing yourself by looking like someone else, then it defeats the purpose entirely. Tell people who you are, and do it in different ways: with an accessory, or cool unique shoes. Different things in your outfit scream different things, it's just a matter of figuring out what screams "this is me!"
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