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He's long, he's strong: an interview with Ron Jeremy

Cassandra Kyle | Intercamp | Lifestyles | February 6th, 2006

EDMONTON (CUP) -- “Ron, can we talk about love?”

“Shouldn't I take you out on a few dates first?”

Chivalry and humour, it's on the top of a lot of women's "to date or not to date" list, along with, well...size does matter.

That's something Ron Jeremy has never had to worry about. According to Jeremy's little-man isn't so little at a whopping 9.75 inches long. Jeremy's lead-singer propelled him into the pornography industry after his girlfriend sent in a nude photo of him to Playgirl magazine. Soon after, The Hedgehog's phone rang off-the-hook with calls from prominent members of the porn industry.

Ron JeremyIt was 1975 and the legend of Ron Jeremy had begun.

Now the man who, according to, has starred in well over 2,000 adult films, slept with 4,000 women and directed 100 of his own movies (not all of them the adult variety) is on an international speaking tour.

“When I started making movies, they weren't even sperm yet,” Jeremy said about his recent audiences. “Colleges,” Jeremy said, “It's raves, it's spring break, it's wet t-shirt contests…” what's not to love, right?

“Once in a while you get a right-wing group,” he said; “It makes for a fun debate.”

Jeremy should feel at home at Grant MacEwan; he graduated with master's degree from Queen's College in his hometown of New York City before beginning a career as a high school teacher.

“I quit teaching to do some acting, that's all,” Jeremy said. Going back into teaching is something he doubts he will do again, but the prospect is always there if he feels like it. Jeremy suggested that there would probably be a parents coalition group akin to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) opposed to him teaching again; Fathers Against Ron Teaching (FART).

There's that humour again, but what about l'amour?

“There's a thing called making love,” Jeremy said, “and there's a thing called recreational sex which I call ‘making light.'”

The man knows what he's talking about.

“Men are better in the recreational sex department…but women are learning too, a lot of them,” he said. “Love is obviously a lot more powerful.”

“Sex causes all these amazing feelings. You can have sex with a lot of people…romance you can only have with a few,” said Jeremy.

Jeremy admits to having a few “special relationships,” but also admits that he has had his heart broken too, “There's no comparison to what you go through,” he said.

The porn pioneer has picked up his crushed heart, and, to the joy of his fans, Jeremy has moved on. He has been the subject of a documentary film, he's written an autobiography and has made a couple more DVD's (they're not what you think). The Hedgehog's appearance on The Surreal Life was unforgettable. Jeremy even has a mobile men's magazine. According to, “Kick back and pour yourself a glass of warm champagne, it's time to party baby!”

Jeremy is glad porn is emerging from the underside of society's pious belly; he's sure the industry will only gain popularity in the coming years.

“It's not that taboo actually, it's becoming more acceptable. Look at Europe for example…Amsterdam.”

Unfortunately An Evening with Ron Jeremy is only a one-night stand, just accept it for what it is and enjoy yourself.
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