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F.A.T.S. Knows!

News | February 13th, 2006

Tax time is coming! There are lots of questions about tax forms, so we hope to provide you with some answers and useful information to help you figure it all out!

What's the difference between a T2202A and a T4A?
T2202A (or Education Deduction Certificate) shows the amount of tuition you can deduct for income tax purposes, as well as the number of months eligible for the education deduction in the calendar year. You'll get your T2202A for 2005 on Fanshawe OnLine by the end of February.

F.A.T.ST4A shows the amount of money you received through scholarships, bursaries and other monetary awards from Fanshawe College in the calendar year, even if the money came from another organization. Amounts on T4As must be reported as Other Income on your tax return. You'll get your T4A for 2005 in the mail by the end of February if your correct address is in our records.

How do I get my T2202A?
T2202As for 2005 will be available on Fanshawe OnLine by the end of February 2006. T2202As for 2004 are there now. You'll need your username and password. If you don't remember your password, use your student number and social insurance number (SIN) or date of birth. If you still have problems, call Connect Resource Centre, E2030, 519.452.4478.

I need a printed T2202A.
Print your T2202A from Fanshawe OnLine, if you have a printer attached to your computer. The form is in Acrobat (.pdf) format. You don't need a printed copy for your income tax.

My parents/ my accountants want my T2202A. Will you mail it, or fax it, or email it for me?
No. But if you want a paper copy to give them, you can print it from Fanshawe OnLine.

Do I qualify for a T2202A?
Only if you paid more than $100 in eligible fees for post-secondary level courses beginning and ending in a particular calendar year.

I paid over $100 for my course but there isn't a T2202A on Fanshawe OnLine, or, the amount showing is less than I paid.
Some courses and fees aren't eligible. For example, the student activity fee, the bus pass fee, and general interest, preparatory, and driver's education courses aren't eligible. See the Canada Revenue Agency's “Students and Income Tax” (P105 - under the section “Eligible Tuition Fees”. As well, if your courses ran over two calendar years, only the amount relating to 2005 can be reported in 2005.

For further questions about your T2202A, call the Office of the Registrar, Fees Services, 519.452.4430, ext. 4977. We answer the calls in sequence, and because of the number of calls, it may take up to 48 hours (excluding weekends) to reply.

I paid for my Winter 2006 term during 2005. Will that amount show on my 2005 T2202A?

No. The T2202A only reflects the learning period that you attended during the taxation year.

I printed my T2202A form but my address changed. Do I need a new one?
No. You don't attach the T2202A to your tax forms and the address doesn't have to match. BUT make sure your address is current with the Office of the Registrar! Use WebAdvisor at

I need a T2202A for a previous year.
T2202As for 2004 are on Fanshawe OnLine now. You can get replacement forms for years before 2004 by filling out a form at the Office of the Registrar, or mailing or faxing a request saying what form you need, with your full name, student number, signature, and if it is an amendment. Our fax number is 519.452.4420. This request takes five business days. Forms for years before 1997 can sometimes take longer.

Who do I call if I still have questions?
Fanshawe OnLine: Connect Resource Centre, 519.452.4478.

The amount on your T2202A or other fee related questions: Fees Services, Office of the Registrar, 519.452.4430, ext. 4977. Because of the number of calls, it may take up to 48 hours (excluding weekends) to reply. When you leave a message, don't forget your full name, your student number, and your phone number.

The amount on your T4A: Accounts Payable, 519.452.4447 or email

Office of the Registrar
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This column is a Student Success Initiative sponsored by Counselling and Student Life Services, Financial Aid and the Office of the Registrar.
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