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Drunk driver tears up college practice fields

Diana Forbes | Interrobang | News | February 13th, 2006

London Police arrested a Fanshawe student over a week ago when campus security caught him driving erratically through the college's soccer fields, while under the influence of alcohol.

Ed Pimental, manager of Campus Security at Fanshawe, said a witness saw the red pick-up truck driving in the soccer fields and alerted security, which were on routine patrol.

When the driver spotted security, he tried to get away.

“[He was] weaving all over the road,” Pimental said about the driver who was on College Ave. heading toward Cheapside Street.

“He hit a light standard.”

Security finally apprehended the student when he drove his truck off the right hand side of the road and into the ditch on the corner of Cheapside and College.

The incident happened on Friday, February 3 just after 4pm.

Pimental said security alerted city police because the driver was under in the influence of alcohol and one cruiser was called to investigate.

Although police arrested the student at the scene, Pimental said the authorities were pursuing an investigation but did not know if charges had been laid.

Pimental was unaware if the student had been drinking on campus or not.
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