Food For Thought: A sure cure for the munchies

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You're sitting there on your couch, late at night when suddenly, BAM! Hunger strikes. What to do? It's too late to go to the store and you're simply much too tired to make anything extensive.

Have no fear, we're at the ready to save you from those rumbling blues. There are two quick, easy recipes that can be assembled and ready in a matter of minutes. We hope you enjoy and come to rely on these for your midnight munchies.

Chocolate Mug Cake
- 4 tbsp. flour
- 2 tbsp. sugar
- 2 tbsp. cocoa
- 1 egg
- 3 tbsp. milk
- 3 tbsp. melted butter or oil
- 1/4 tsp. vanilla (or peppermint) extract
- 1 tbsp. chocolate chips
- 1 large mug

1. Add dry ingredients to the mug and mix well.

2. Crack the egg and add it to your mug. Be sure to mix it well to avoid any pockets of flour in the corners. Pour in the milk, oil and chocolate chips and mix well. Add the vanilla extract.

3. Pop your mug into the microwave and zap for 3 minutes on maximum power (1,000 watts). Wait until the cake stops rising and sets in the mug.

4. If necessary, run a knife around the sides of the mug, and tip the still-warm cake out of the mug and onto a saucer.

Eggs in a Basket
- Slice of bread
- 1 egg
- Butter or margarine

1. Lightly butter both sides of the bread.

2. "Cut" a hole in the centre of the bread with a shot glass or small glass.

3. Place bread into hot frying pan (medium to low heat) and crack egg into the hole in the centre.

4. Cook at low enough temperature to fully cook the egg but not burn the bread.

5. When finished, the egg and the bread should have cooked together. This allows you to take your meal with you — it's fully transportable!

We hope you enjoy these simple recipes and keep in mind that good food doesn't always have to be hard to make. Bon apptit!

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