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The Heel Turn: Is Undertaker over the hill?

Scott Stringle | Interrobang | Sports | February 13th, 2012

The Undertaker made his big return last week and wasted no time in getting into Triple H's face. This is the first time that Undertaker has been in the ring since just after last year's Wrestlemania. The Dead Man inadvertently saved John Laurinaitis' job, as Triple H was just about to fire the interim GM when the interruption occurred. It's been widely reported that the Undertaker was wearing a wig under his trademark widebrimmed hat. Proof of this exists in the fact that photos were leaked last year showing Taker with a shaved head, and he also did not remove his hat in the ring as is his normal custom.

One has to wonder just how much the Undertaker has left in the tank, as he's been gone for nearly a year. He is nearing 50 years old, and it takes him increasingly longer to recover from the battering his body takes. Surely nobody could fault him for considering his retirement soon, as he's already given so much to the business for over two decades. His very impressive legacy will stand intact for generations to come; there's no need to risk possible permanent injury unnecessarily.

It looks like the WWE has plans for a rematch between Triple H and Taker, which would of course make it the second consecutive encounter, and the third overall that they have had at Wrestlemania. Lots of fans, myself included, are wondering if this is the most creative direction that they can go. After two confrontations, it is quite clear that Triple H is not capable of ending the Undertaker's streak. Hunter appears to be winding down his competitive career himself, as he's been handling the position of Chief Operating Officer and is set to perhaps take over the company soon in real life.

Perhaps a younger, up-and-coming WWE Superstar should be facing the Undertaker. Sheamus is a good candidate, as he is said to have a great work ethic. The Celtic Warrior already has his spot in Wrestlemania though, due to the fact that he won a title shot of his choosing because of winning the Royal Rumble. Wade Barrett could also be a good opponent, as I believe he has great potential with the right push. Or maybe the Undertaker's undefeated streak could be ended by Kane, the only other Superstar who has proven over the years to be as diabolically evil as Taker. Whoever the Dead Man does end up facing at Wrestlemania, hopefully they make for one hell of a match, as it could very well be the Undertaker's swan song.
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