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Fossils has a fresh sound

Bobby Foley | Interrobang | Lifestyles | February 13th, 2012

Vancouver's Elias is releasing Fossils, their sophomore album helmed by Jeff Dawson and strongest effort to date. While the band may have grown into public attention with their debut All We Want, Fossils is sure to keep them on the forefront of rock scenes across Canada and beyond.

Fossils is very polished, surprisingly layered and refreshingly uncomplicated — while many listeners will undoubtedly be quick to point out artists like Muse and Arcade Fire invoked during moments on the record, the fact is that Fossils is equal parts highly original and highly listenable.

Here Elias paints with bright, uncomplicated strokes; frontman Brian Healy's careful voice and keys ease the listener into "Fossils," the title track and record opener, but the serenity is dismantled as Stefan Tavares begins his churning drum beat and takes control of the movement of the music, building a strong beat that carries the record over.

Healy's vocals shine in the midst of each composition while Rob Tornroos provides harmonies without detracting from the music, his own careful guitar work at once impressive and constructive to the overall work.

In that way, the album captures the spirit of alternative rock unlike so many, marrying their soaring elements to honest emotion in ways few bands have since the 1990s. Elias capably creates moments of pause and anticipation amidst the grind, as illustrated by songs like "Tunnel Lights" or "Catapults."

Further highlights include "Enough" and "Lake Louise," wildly different in stylistic terms but for a common thread, an adrenaline- inducing pulse.

The album is well-made and polished, but at its heart is substance to suit the style, a straightforward strong rock album from a talented band. Fossils is widely released on February 14.
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