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A wake-up call from The Fires Of

Bobby Foley | Interrobang | Lifestyles | February 13th, 2012

Toronto's The Fires Of are offering perspective and growth on their second record, a new EP called The Noise Around The Mean, produced by Chris Cobain in Acton, Ontario. The album is released on Valentine's Day.

The album shows a striking potential in the group as songwriters and sees the quintet playing to their strengths individually while coalescing together. The opening track, "Memories In Flight," effectively uses a 12-bar guitar riff to establish a sense of familiarity while vocalists Graeme Donnelly and Lisa Di Diodato soar together.

Donnelly and Di Diodato share vocal duties throughout, their exchange providing a smooth transition between songs as they trade off leading and accompanying roles. Di Diodato's smooth leads on "I Can't Sleep" and "Sleeping In" provide a subtle, compelling yang to the uptempo yin of "Memories" and the banging "One Decent Thing," a technique that works to keep the music in the foreground of your mind while you listen.

Perhaps the most arresting track on the EP is the album closer, "Somebody Tell Me I'm Dreaming," a gentle track that displays real depth and introspection, no small feat for any band. It breathes and grows, like a house full of memories left undisturbed — there is a powerful vibe behind it, quite extraordinary.

The Noise Around The Mean is a strong album by a band that is clearly growing together and becoming aware of their musical direction. The band — also comprised of Steve Canning, Peyton Leung and Greg Heard — works well together, each member seasoned and contributing in remarkable ways.

Visit the band on Facebook ( to learn more and pick up a copy of The Noise Around The Mean.
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