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Tis the season to be peachy keen

Aimee Brothman | Interrobang | Lifestyles | February 13th, 2012

Spring fever is in the air. Sunshine, blue skies and unbelievable temperatures are making me giddy with anticipation of sandals and sangria. Okay, okay, I know; it's still the middle of February. But combine an early (first) thaw with the spring collections debuting and I am already stashing my parka.

There are a few major themes that will represent the season regardless of the year of the collections. More layers, denser fabrics and a typically darker colour palette set the tone for fall and winter. Spring has sprung when we see the arrival of florals, floaty, lighter textiles and a cheerier collection of colours. This has never been truer for this spring. Pantone, the ultimate colour authority, has named 17-1463 the colour for 2012 (that's 'tangerine tango,' officially). Peaches, pistachios and pastels in everything from lemon to pink to baby blue are following suit and have been spotted on many a runway.

Louis Vuitton presented one of the most deliciously soft collections this season. Sheer, floaty white dresses looked perfect alongside pale yellow, mint and light blue proper jackets and slightly fuller skirts done in an embroidered floral pattern and lace. The soft makeup and ladylike buns created a modern-day look that nodded to the proper '50s.

Jenny Packham, always the dreamy designer, created looks causing much lust. Lace and plisse softly draped into dresses of barely yellow, white lacy mini numbers, floor length, frothy mint gowns and gorgeous delicately embellished turquoise mini dresses completed the quixotic and girly collection.

Cacharel's collection was right on and paired a punchier tangerine bottom with paler, peachy tops. Even Balmain, notorious for their sexy, badass looks often done in leather, studs and anything shredded, presented a tamer collection this season that featured gold filigree patterns on white, and even a few floral pieces for good measure.

So where do everyday gals like us get a taste of the delicious sherbet trend this season? Gap's BE BRIGHT colour khaki campaign features a few softer shades, like the turquoise seen on Jenny Packham's New York runway, as well as a range of skinny jeans in lavender to taupe for the meeker set who still want to dip a toe in pastels. Speaking of dipping a toe in, you can always test out your love of pastels in a much less permanent (and cheaper!) way by painting your toes. OPI's current Holland collection has a few soft shades, including a shimmery pink and a soft neutral. Essie has also created a lovely lavender shade, while Chanel has debuted their mini pre-spring collection of pink and peach shades that just beg for some matching pastel macaroons to complement your fingertips.
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