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Album Review: In Flames clearly rocks

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | February 20th, 2006

You know that the world is a better place when you can go into any CD store and buy the new In Flames disc for $15. On the heels of a successful North American tour last year, In Flames returns with a CD that is looking to win over even more fans on this side of the world.

I have to say that this new In Flames CD, Come Clarity, is a huge mix of their last three efforts all on one disc. You get some toned down flows that were found on Soundtrack to Your Escape, the groove found on Reroute to Remain, and the thrashing found on Clayman.

In Flames also do something new with a more radio-friendly vibe (or at least hard rock radio) with their title track, “Come Clarity”. The clean vocals on some tracks like “Take This Life,” “Leeches,” and on the catchy “Reflect the Storm” really make you think that vocalist Anders Fridén has really begun to have his own strengths in his clean vocal ability and not just with the metal screaming which we all enjoy.

The music from the boys is once again top notch in terms of presentation and quality. Everything is mixed perfectly and most of the shredding can be deciphered for those of you who love to learn this stuff by ear.

A nice bonus for fans who go out looking for the early limited edition is the DVD that comes packed with it! Taking a cue from Metallica's St. Anger, the DVD features the band playing their newest opus in its entirety. I have to say “playing” carefully because while the band is playing, the live sound is overdubbed with the actual music from the CD.

This is one of the first true 2006 releases for me that is an excellent front-to-back listen with constant spins guaranteed for the future.

This is some good f'n metal. 10 out of 10.
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