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Turn your dial to 106.9 the X this week for some great giveaways!

Leanne Misfud | 106.9 The X | Lifestyles | February 20th, 2006

Hey again my little Funshawers!

Here's a little update on what's up for this week on 106.9 The X.

This week on the morning show Jen and B-West will be making you laugh and smile all the way until 10am. From 10 to 3 Sherri K is on-air giving away fun prizes, and she'll be letting you know about a huge give away you'll love if you're into pain. Smashly will be breaking things on air from 3pm till 8 and be sure to listen in for the late, late show with Rips from 8pm until midnight.

It's no surprise that The X gives you some of the best give anyways possible, and this week is no exception. One of these five festive days, you have a chance to win a painful package from Hardcore Tattoos. If you love the ink, make sure you listen for your chance to win. $100 could get you a big tattoo… maybe you could even get a big X on your back!

Everyone loves a party, and so do we at The X. Stop by JimBobRays on Wednesday where The X will be giving away a new urban release from Universal Music. If you want to be on the road to Zion, you defiantly want to stop by and pick up this free CD! And don't forget about the weekend — on Saturday, The X crew will be dancing their butts off at Club Phoenix, so come on by to pick up your free shirts and CDs.

And don't forget to keep listening to hear about the two amazing promotions that The X is putting on. Keep listening for your chance to win so much stuff; your heart just might explode!

Remember 106.9 for all of the free stuff and fun times you couldn't fit in a small country, like Japan.

Love, The X
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