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Have a fun spring break on any budget

Diana Forbes | Interrobang | Lifestyles | February 20th, 2006

Whether you are looking for sun, snow or sights, there is still time to find a vacation to meet your Spring Break needs and budget.

If you are looking to hit the beach, and the possibility of becoming the next star of Girls Gone Wild, the opportunities in the south are practically endless.

Cuba has always been a Canadian favourite; with their cheap rum, hoards of cigars and lack of Americans, there is enough heat in this communist country to warm up cold-hearted Castro.

Breakaway tours has trips to Cayo Coco and Varadero, Cuba starting at $860 per person and that includes flight, food and, most importantly, all the drinks you can handle. There are also plenty of last minute deals on travel websites like and

Florida is the place to go when you are running low on funds, but still want to get some sun. Panama City is a popular destination for both Canadian and American college students and if you are looking for more ass than class, this destination has been named number one for student vacation seekers. Breakaway Tours offers packages to Panama City from $349 for five nights, which includes bus transportation and accommodation. Much Music VJ's Leah Miller and Matte Babel will also be partaking in the festivities, so be careful because your escapades may be caught on camera and sent home to Canada.

In the past New Orleans and Cancun were among the top Spring Break destinations, but due to the disastrous hurricanes last fall attendance has fallen. If you are planning to hit up a hurricane hotspot, beware of low resort prices because the value of the trip may not be worth post-disaster remains.

According to Travel Cuts, if you are low on cash Montreal is the place to go. They have packages starting from $129 with Breakaway Tours, which includes transportation and two night accommodations at a downtown Montreal Hotel.

The “Party Weekend” tour also includes VIP club access to satisfy your need for heat without the sun.

Travel Cuts also offers a separate Montreal weekend package for just under $200, which incorporates sight seeing during the day along with plenty of clubbing adventures at night. And for all those first-year college students, we don't need to remind you that the drinking age in Quebec is 18.

For some snow-filled fun, Quebec City may be the place for you. For a mere $399, Breakaway Tours will take you to Quebec City for four days and nights, which includes transportation, accommodation and an itinerary wristband that will get you into all the parties. Lift tickets are extra, but at a discounted rate for both skiers and snowboarders.

For the students who want to experience some culture on their break, Travel Cuts has great deals for flights overseas. Flights to Paris, Amsterdam, London (England) and even Hong Kong start $348 return. There are also tonnes of package deals and tours available to get the most vacation for your buck.

For more information on a spring break destination that is best for you and your budget check out Breakaway Tours at and Travel Cuts at
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