Blogs and Twitter feeds to help your job hunt

New Grad Life
Originally started by new graduates wanting to help each other out, this blog provides useful advice and information for recent grads and students preparing to graduate. New Grad Life provides resources for issues including job hunting, resume/interview help, networking tips and money management.

Talent Egg
This Canadian website helps students and recent grads transition from school to work life. From job postings to further education to guidance and support, Talent Egg will prepare you with everything you need to head into the working world.

Corn on the Job
Corn on the Job was created by Rich Dematteo, a Generation Y Career Coach and career expert. He offers practical advice for job seekers on how to make the most of the resources they have. Past topics have included maximizing Twitter, boosting your LinkedIn profile and how to create an effective resume.

Pet Dance
Andy Lester works in the tech industry, but his blog, Pet Dance, gives excellent resume and interview advice for just about anybody. The blog is well organized with links to tagged posts for whatever you're looking for, and it also has links to other blogs you may find useful.

Resume Bear
This blog offers unique advice and insight into the realities of the job market today. Resume Bear suggests outside-the-box approaches to finding your dream job and even discusses the challenges some may face once they start working.

I Will Help You Find A Job
A website that lives up to its name: its sole purpose is to help you find a job. Michael Law knows a lot about hiring people, and in 2011, he offered to help people find jobs through online message boards. He received hundreds of responses in the first few weeks, and he's now set up a website to help whomever he can.