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Get the most into your suitcase

Janet Pole | Interrobang | Opinion | February 20th, 2006

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It used to be the adage: take half of the clothes you packed, take twice the money when you are travelling, and it will all be fine. I have a collection of “Etiquette Books” that say some other things, most hilarious in the year 2006.

“Emily Post's: The Blue Book of Social Usage (originally published in 1922) states, amongst other things:

Leave your home in order: make sure that the children are in the care of a trusted servant or hire a person from a reputable service and let that person come a few days early to get to know your children.

Cancel your milk delivery.

Don't be like some socialites and announce your travel plans in the newspapers as some disreputable people look for those as a chance to rob your home.

It is disreputable to have a member of the opposite sex visit you in your hotel room without first speaking to the front desk clerk and being sure that you leave the door ajar.

Always appear your best at all times. Your clothes fully pressed, shoes fully shined a hat for both the lady and gentleman. There is nothing worse than looking disreputable and people getting the idea that you are an “Ugly American Tourist.”

Here are some more current tips for making travel easy:

Don't drink the water (that includes ice cubes) — better yet, if going to an island ask your doctor about anti-hepatitis shots, which could be a lifesaver in the end.

Don't let someone buy you a drink, and always watch yours — it will save you from getting a drug slipped into your drink and you waking up the next morning wondering where you are and what you did.

If travelling in Europe, where flat shoes with a strong grip. These are OLD cities you are going to and they have cobblestone streets.

If you go to a bar (especially in Europe), watch yourself. If you dance all night with a guy, I can guarantee you he will expect you to be dessert!

Sun Screen, Sun Screen, Sun Screen, Sun Screen, and even more Sun Screen! The best product on the market contains Mexoryl, which is proven in tests to stop the aging process. It's not cheap, but you could at least get some for your face and neck at Shopper's Drug Mart.

Get Traveler's Insurance and ALWAYS tack an extra day on the end in case there are problems with your flight back home. A weeklong stay in a US hospital, depending upon what you have, or how serious you were hurt, can easily run $250,000 US. At least.)

Pack light and start with the suitcase. I bought a very nice, mega-marked-down Roots suitcase that seemed light in the store, but when I went to pack it, I found out it weighed seven pounds!

Always take bags for your dirty clothes. Wrap your liquids in resealable bags so they don't leak all over your clothes. Take wetnaps or a small bottle of anti-bacterial hand gel, as a lot of places are not as clean as they should be.

Take anti-bacterial cream or ointment for insect bites, minor cuts, and burns as well as a sunburn remedy.

If you have any medications you must take daily, take them on the plane. I repeat: ON THE PLANE. If your luggage is delayed at least you have your medication!

Do not forget to pack photo ID, a couple of bathing suits (to save getting back into a wet one), Advil for the hangover cure and a toothbrush and paste —- it seems that everyone forgets the toothbrush/paste: don't let it be you. I f you forgot something important, don't freak out. There is usually a Walmart or a Kmart around if you are in Florida, and the pharmacies in Europe are top notch and you can buy just about anything there!
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