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Crime Stoppers weekly update

Crime Stoppers London | News | February 20th, 2006

London Police are asking the public to be aware of the theft of 40 London Jr. Knights herseys. Sometime overnight on Thursday, Dec. 23 between midnight and 9 am, theives broke into a personal vehicle and stole a car stereo and the 40 London Jr. Knights jerseys. These jerseys are unique in that the black away jerseys have the logo of the London Jr. Knights shield and these jerseys cannot be purchased by the public. London Police and Crime Stoppers would like to know of anyone in posession of these jerseys or attempting to sell these unique hockey jerseys.

The Strathroy-Caradoc Police are asking for the public's assistance with their investigation at the Mount Brydges Home & Garden Store October 9, 2005. This business was completely destroyed by fire. Police investigation has indicated the business had been entered prior to the fire, as items from the business were located on neighbouring properties. Police are investigating the fire as arson.

Animal Care
The London Humane society, London Police Services and Crime Stoppers wish to remind the public that with the arrival of winter and freezing temperatures, we need to take extra precautions with out animal companions. Animal extremities, particularly ears, tail and paws are at great risk of frostbite.

Cats, puppies and sort-haired dogs should all be kept inside during cold weather. Even long-haired dogs should remain inside most of the time.

Never leave animals outdoors overnight or during the day if you're not home. Winter weather is extremely changeable and temperatures can dip dangerously low in a short space of time. Canada's anti-cruelty laws require that animals be provided with adequate shelter and care.

Cats seeking hat of a cold winter's day have been known tocrawl up into the engine blocks of cars. To prevent serious or fatal injuries, bang on the hood of your vehicle or honk the horn prior to starting the vehicle. This may prevent this tragedy from occurring.

If you have any information on any of these or other crimes in the London-Middlesex area, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or locally at 519-661-8477.
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