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The votes are in

Diana Forbes | Interrobang | News | February 20th, 2006

Earning over two thirds of Fanshawe's votes, current VP of Internal Affairs, Christine Thomson, was elected as FSU President for 2006/07.

The four-day online vote attracted 1207 voters, with Thomson collecting 832 votes and her closest and only competitor, Greg Buckrell, earning 314.

“I'm very excited and can't wait to start working,” said Thomson. “I can't wait to go to sleep.”

Thomson's experience won over Buckrell's initiative to bring a fresh perspective to the FSU.

“My campaign hasn't gone very well at all,” Buckrell said about the three-week race, sighting problems with posters and lack of FSU policies knowledge as his main obstacles. “I decided to do this last minute and didn't have enough time to prepare.”

Although Thompson listed student union policy reform and more prompt timetables as her top priorities, one specific initiative will come first.

“My first official act will be to drink directly from the pop gun in the Out Back Shack,” Thomson joked.

Over her year in office, Thomson hopes to increase communications with her own staff, as well as students.

The toughest competition was in the race for VP of External and Academic Affairs and Travis Mazereeuw ended up on top with a total of 400 votes beating out opponents Steve MacDonald, who earned 395 votes, and Alana Orazietti, who had 346 votes. Mazereeuw, a current SAC representative, is a Photography student and hopes you will come to him with any concerns academically or other.

Going up against Christopher Trim, John-Paul Renzella was the victor of the VP of Internal Affairs position with 344 votes. Renzella, who is enrolled in Radio Broadcasting, believes his great communications skills and radio clout will improve event exposure on campus.

With no opponents and earning the yes nod from Fanshawe students, Mike Critelli was elected as the VP of Finance. Critelli has experience working at two financial institutions and would like to see more funding for program trips and bursaries.

Rubelyn Ubando, who also ran uncontested and is currently serving as the IT Divisional representative, was elected as VP of Athletics. Ubando promises to make some “bright changes” to the athletics position.

Pat Maloney will be next year's VP of Entertainment and is more than qualified for the job. He is currently enrolled in the Music Industry Arts program and has a vast history in the business as a drummer.

Mark Ruscica was elected to the Board of Governors with 551 votes and will represent the student body on the college board.
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