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New season, but same ol' Smackdown

Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | March 6th, 2006

It's now March and we're heading into Wrestlemania so why can't the WWE do anything right with Smackdown? I think it is painfully obvious that they have to end the brand extension and go back to having their roster be on any show. This way the writers don't have to strain themselves and we can hopefully get back to some good TV. Yes, I know, there may be roster cuts if this happened, but who cares? It's not like the WWE even has a tag division anymore and there's still the WWE website where they air footage during commercial breaks, Byte This, and Velocity.

To further this point, I dare you to look at the last WWE Smackdown PPV. Did any of you buy this crap? I hope not. You knew exactly what the outcomes of every match were and Smackdown the week after just seemed to drag the events from the PPV on. Blah…

On the RAW side of the ring this week, we saw John Cena go down in flames in which should have been our first taste of the upcoming epic Wrestlemania battle. I felt so bad for the guy because I believe since the boos started way back in early December, he's actually gotten better in the ring and getting back to his surly mic antics. He's gained my respect over the past few months but fans, either because they're following a disgusted internet crowd just aren't buying it. Both wrestlers had some great insults towards each other. Cena's “thanks for letting me win $50 on the ‘I know exactly what Triple H is going to say this week' pool” was a good laugh as well as HHH's retort, “this coming from the man who's one big move is pumping up his Rebox?” I thought the showdown was pretty good but it will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. I don't know, but something tells me that Cena may actually walk out of Wrestlemania as the champ.

I have to give props to the Big Show for having three great matches in a row. Yes, we are used to him losing somehow and just looking a tad clumsy, but his work over the last month has made me actually leave RAW on instead of doing some channel surfing.

The kiss my ass club segment once again made me embarrassed to be a wrestling fan. I don't find humour in Mr. McMahon showing his ass or grown men kissing asses, so why would I want to watch this? Hopefully we'll be treated to a bloody McMahon at WM22 when he faces off against HBK.

Wasn't it interesting to see how RAW promoted the upcoming Saturday Night's Main Event? I don't understand the point of this extra show so close to Wrestlemania. It'll just be one big commercial for the event with results as predictable as a Smackdown PPV. Please, WWE, prove me wrong. And on that note I can't wait for TNA Wrestling to air on Thursday nights.

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