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Gamer Review: New Ghost Recon exceeds expectations

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | April 3rd, 2006

I hadn't played any of the Ghost Recon series until December of last year when my friend picked it up for some multiplayer fun while he was visiting. I really enjoyed the single player campaign although I found the longevity of the game coming from it's trial and error gameplay due to some really stupid AI buddies on my team. The graphics were good and the controls were intuitive, so I figured that when Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter came out for the 360, it would be more of the same, only prettier.

After spending some good time with the game (already finished, working on the campaign mode on hard difficulty), I can say that this is $60 well spent. Not only has it been enjoyable offline, online has its perks, too!

I just say that if you need a game to show off why you paid so much money for a next-gen system, you don't need anything else but this game. I have a nice 36” flat tube TV and this game looks unbelievable. I can only imagine how much more crisp and intense Ghost Recon would look on a 50+” HD TV at 720p/1080i. I will have to say that I was disappointed at first that this game is presented in a widescreen presentation. After enough playing, it doesn't bother me any more, but for those of you who love full screen glory and hate those black bars, beware!

Ok, so the game looks good. Once again, I'll toot my own horn and say I'm blessed with an excellent home theatre set-up and there were times when vehicles were exploding that I jumped out of my seat because of the realistic sounds (and to grab my remote to turn down the volume so my neighbors wouldn't think that something was exploding in my house). The voice acting is great although there's not too much of a plot in the game.

GRAW plays just as well as the previous versions and even better. The controls are difficult at first, and it took me about 30 minutes to get comfy with them. I really advise that people who are new to this series do the training mission (plus you can unlock some achievement points for doing it). After about an hour, you should be fine and learning the fine art of deciding when to use your team (who's AI is better, but still close from perfect), your tank or chopper backup or your little radar machine.

Online has so many different options and levels of customization that if you're an online nut, you'll be spending a LOOONG time with this game.

Developer UbiSoft knows this and has made it pretty hard to unlock all the online achievements unless you spend hours and hours online playing and hosting games.

I am thoroughly impressed with this game but also have to say that there are times where my disc froze or some programming bugs have made me had to restart to my last save point. Hopefully a patch will be available soon to fix some issues, but that's no excuse to not go out and buy this one. Do it now, soldier! 9 out of 10.

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