Frolic On Outdoor Skating Rinks

Victoria Park
Corner of Richmond Street and Central Avenue

The City of London has a long-standing tradition of turning the area in front of the bandstand in Victoria Park into a free public skating rink for as long as the temperatures are cold enough. People of all ages and skill levels come to this beautiful rink to enjoy the fun of skating and the pleasures of the great outdoors.

Covent Garden Market
130 King St.

The Covent Garden Market is never a dull place, with tons of delicious food and unique vendors. In the winter months, the fun atmosphere expands outside. The free outdoor skating rink offers a fun, energetic outdoor experience. When you're tired out from skating you can head into the market and enjoy a snack from one of the many food vendors within.

Glide Inside
Indoor Skating
Stronach Community Recreation Centre
1221 Sandford St.

For those of you who just can't brave the outdoor cold weather and blistering winds, there are plenty of indoor arenas all across London with public skates. Visit to find a list of indoor arenas near you.

Throw Yourself Down a Hill

Boler Mountain
689 Griffith St.

Boler Mountain offers skiing and snowboarding for all skill levels and runs beginner workshops for those who have never donned a set of skis or a board before. Though the hills aren't the most challenging for more experienced skiers or snowboarders Boler is an excellent place to learn these sports and really find your footing with them. Boler also offers tubing for those who are somewhat less athletically inclined. People of all ages will find endless fun in sliding down a huge hill on an inflated tube.

Circle R Ranch
3017 Carriage Rd. Delaware, Ontario

For those of you who don't like the idea of going very fast down a steep, snowy hill, try cross-country skiing. Circle R Ranch, located just outside of London, has beautiful cross-country skiing paths that weave and wind through forests and fields. This is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the winter without the fear of breaking bones.

Light Up Your Life

Victoria Park

Each year, the City of London goes all out, dressing up the huge evergreen trees that are scattered around Victoria Park. The trees are decorated in every colour imaginable, and other festive decorations are draped on lampposts and signs. A beautiful Nativity scene provides the centrepiece to this holiday wonderland in the park.

During the holiday season, Victoria Park is a great place to go with friends and family, or for a romantic stroll with a date. Grab a warm holiday beverage from one of your favourite downtown coffee shops and enjoy the beautiful snow-filled park.

Saskatoon Street
Where Second Street hits Dundas Street, it changes names to Saskatoon Street, and it's not too far of a walk from Fanshawe. Traditionally, the residents of this street go all out on decorating their homes and yards for the holiday season. The lights and animatronic characters are a sight to behold, and most years nearly the entire street is lit up with a holiday glow.

Chill Out to Some Tunes

If you'd rather spend the long, cold months of winter inside enjoying some great live music, then is all you need to find the best shows in town.

This website features all of London's venues and live shows for months in advance laid out in a simple, concise manner. Simply find the day on the calendar that you're looking to see a show on and click on one of the acts performing that day. That will give you all the information you need about show times, tickets and venue.

Be a Kid Again
For many children, winter is an exciting time of year with an endless list of fun outdoor activities. Put on your snow suit and your mittens, gather up some friends, and play outside like you used to. Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, make a fort or find a great hill for some tobogganing. When your hands are frozen and your cheeks are rosy, warm up with a delicious hot chocolate. Winter used to be fun, so stop dreading it!