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Movies they don't want you to see

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | April 10th, 2006

Another issue, another batch of sites that will keep you up late or prevent you from doing the work that you're supposed to.

Gaming Stuff - — If you want to see some of the latest tech or game demos or people finishing some games at alarming speeds (good old speed gaming), this is the place to go. Strategy, trailers and just plain weird stuff are also available.

Attack of the Show - - I know I've mention the great G4TV channel before, but this is probably one of the best shows on that channel. Check out all the latest news with “the feed,” find about new drinks and drinking games with “the lush,” and if you're tired of searching for hotties, look no further because these guys will do it for you! DVD reviews, contests, forums and chats also await you on this packed site. Give some love to Sarah Lane, too!

SOTA Toys — - If you know me, you know I'm still a kid and love toys. The SOTA toys company has been on the rise for years now and their website is a great resource to see pics of all their current and upcoming products. I'm sure there's something here for everyone (well, those collectors anyway).

Dark Angel's Realm of Horror - - This is an excellent site that features nothing but horror movies. Want to know what Dark Angel's top pics and reviews are? Click the links. Also included are little known facts about some of the movies, links to some of the goriest clips, old movie trailers and my personal favourite, a guide to the movies that made the BANNED list. This list features movies like Cannibal Holocaust, and tells you where you can get your own unedited copies of the movies. Speaking of Cannibal Holocaust…

Vagrancy Films - - These bastards book the Rainbow Cinema to show some of the goriest, craziest, most insane movies EVER! If you want to know the schedules and what's happening next with these boys, including a team up with the drive-in theatre, click here now!

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