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Student sells Fanshawe handbook on eBay

Diana Forbes | Interrobang | News | April 10th, 2006

In amongst a $2,000 Brussels sprout, a kangaroo scrotum change purse and a pack of Saddam Hussein playing cards you could find a 2005/2006 Fanshawe College student handbook up for auction on eBay.

Last week a Fanshawe student in the mechanical engineering technician industrial maintenance program, seller name “cassidy02_ca”, put the handbook up on the block for a starting bid of a mere $0.99.

“This book can be an excellent reference on the facilities and services available at Fanshawe College and also you may find this book an effective time management tool,” the seller wrote in the description portion of the site.

Student handbooks are provided to each full-time student courtesy of Fanshawe College and the Student Union, at a production cost of approximately $4.50 a piece.

The college produces 14,500 handbooks annually for students, faculty and staff at the London campus, as well as Fanshawe's satellite locations.

The seller explained he/she is an average student and is just trying to pay off some student loans.

The handbook includes important names, numbers, dates, coupons and college services information, as well as a fully functional daily planner for the 2005/2006 academic year.

The seller has earned a 100 per cent customer satisfaction rating from past buyers.

Other merchandise available from the vendor include the second season of The OC, a “very nice” picture of Mario Lemieux and a gold-plated 24” chain, which the seller calls a “beautiful and stylish piece of jewelry.”

The Fanshawe student is also selling some of the worst movies made in 2005, which include Bewitched, Sahara, Guess Who (starring Ashton Kutcher) and Team America World Police.

The handbook came off the auction block April 9 at 10 pm.

The handbook is just one of the thousands of bizarre items that have been auctioned on eBay since its inception.
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