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Beauty Boy: The scents of summer 2013


Jean-Paul Gaultierís Classique Summer 2013 bottle design is inspired by koi and carp tattoos.

Joshua R. Waller | Interrobang | Lifestyles | April 8th, 2013

While fragrance is a very personal thing and there are those of us who will loyally stick to our one favourite scent, it's time to find a new one for the summer of 2013. This doesn't mean you need to get rid of your absolute favourite scent, it just means you need to retire it for the summer and find something that is fresh and new! Heavier scents or deep musks that may have been worn during the winter or holiday season are now going to be a bit too much for a beach day or a summer's evening out (when that weather finally comes.)

If you do like a richer fragrance or want something that is a bit deeper for an evening without being too overpowering, Vera Wang's Lovestruck Floral Rush may be one for you to look out for. In its gorgeously designed bottle, with a large flower ornament as a lid, lies a scent with notes such as apricot blossom, white freesia and a base of sheer musk which gives the fragrance depth.

A lighter floral scent that is better worn out as an everyday fragrance is Flora by Gucci. While this perfume may be a bit more expensive, it has beautiful notes of white floral and creamy magnolia with a more earthy and woody base. This fragrance is also a bit more mature smelling compared to the Vera Wang one, which tends to be more targeted to a younger generation.

Another extremely popular scent that is out just in time for summer is Escada's Cherry in the Air. Every year since 1993, Escada has released a limited edition fragrance that usually tends to be on the floral- fruity side. This year, Cherry in the Air is exactly that; a very light fragrance with two very prominent notes of sour cherry and raspberry. What gives this fragrance its sweetness is the hint of marshmallow, and it's the note of sandalwood that gives it its floral base. If this is one you're interested in, make sure you get it right away because once it's sold out, it doesn't come back!

Jean Paul-Gaultier has once again launched a brand new edition of his iconic woman-shaped perfume bottle, Classique Summer 2013, except this year it's been inked up! The bottle is covered in intricate and beautiful designs inspired by carp and koi tattoos (almost having an Ed Hardy feel). The fragrance's top notes are a blend of Sicilian lemon, orange blossom and tangerine, which gives it a very citrusy beginning. It then settles to hints of ylang-ylang and rose and finishes with a deep musk, amber and vanilla.

With the nicer weather (hopefully) just around the corner, start looking into your fresh new summer scent! If it is really hard to give up on your “go-to” fragrance, find out the major notes in it and find a lighter, comparable one that will be more appropriate for the summer!
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