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Turn Boring Spaces Beautiful: It's time to clean up your year-end clutter


An organized living space leads to a happy life!

Brittany Roach | Interrobang | Lifestyles | April 8th, 2013

With the school year quickly coming to an end, we students will finally have time to clean up and get organized. I know that any student, especially students in a design program, will finish the school year with plenty of paperwork and bulky assignments lying around their living spaces.

All of these projects you have laying around your home will someday be useful; you never know when you're going to need to look back at your notes from previous years for a quick review. To make your life a little easier for the next few years, it's a great idea to organize your schoolwork. Who wants stacks of old homework just lying out in the open?

A great way to start organizing your schoolwork is to sort by semester and class if you haven't already done so — sometimes we just don't have the time during the busy school months. From there you can determine what type of organizers you need, depending on your program. Some projects may simply require a few baskets or file cabinets, while others may need bookshelves or even portfolio cases.

To maximize your organization, add labels to your projects and bundle them together. If you want to get really particular on organization, bundle them by the dates you completed them. I organized my projects into separate portfolios by semester and filed them by the date they were completed with labels of the name of the projects. This was the easiest and quickest way to find old notes for reference.

Most importantly, you need to de-clutter by throwing out or selling anything that is unwanted. If you are like me, you might find yourself rewriting your notes, so throw the old copies out! Get rid of your old textbooks — the ones you swear you will never touch again. They will just take up precious space in your home.

The key is to remember that organization is a step in the direction toward a calmer life style. Make your next school year or your future career easier by organizing your notes and projects for faster reference. Good luck to everyone on your final exams and to everyone graduating from Fanshawe College this year. Remember keep organized and stay calm!
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