Seven Fanshawe students receive highest CCAA honour

Seven Fanshawe College students will be honoured with the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association's (CCAA) most prestigious award.

The SIRC-CCAA Academic All Canadian Award recognizes students with high achievement in sport as well as academics. Honourees must attain academic honours (above a 3.5 GPA) at their institution in addition to having a high level of athletic achievement.

Falcon athletes who are receiving the awards are Felicia Mazerolle (basketball), Clint Smith (cross country), Nicole McDonald (soccer), Stephanie Bignell (volleyball) and three players from the women's curling team: Shannon Kee, Jordan Ariss, and Kaitlyn Knipe.

Fanshawe athletic director Nathan McFadden pointed out that many of the players are national champions. “There's three of them that are from our women's curling team, which is also our national championship team, so that's a great honour for them to have that individual and team success, in addition to their academics.”

McFadden added that the same holds true for Clint Smith. “He was a national silver medalist and also a national champion with the men's cross country team.”

With seven honourees, Fanshawe finished atop the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association and tied for second in all of Canada. Fanshawe tied with the University of British Columbia Okanagan and has only one fewer honouree than Vancouver Island University.

McFadden was thrilled with Fanshawe's accomplishment. “Our athletic department encompasses a lot more than just athletics because we're constantly supporting our student athletes on the academic side as well ... To be able to lead Ontario is a really high honour for our college and our institution, something that we are extremely proud of as both a college and as an athletic department.”

Despite the work and support of coaches, staff, family and friends, McFadden credited the athletes themselves for the accomplishment. “At the end of the day, they're the ones who put the work in, in the classroom and on the playing surface to achieve that honour.”

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