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Faith Meets Life: Oprah reporting the story behind the story in NO

Michael Veenema | Interrobang | Opinion | September 19th, 2005

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Last week, Tamara was questioning God's presence in New Orleans, because surely many people's prayers went unanswered. “You didn't deny that some of those people died, but you also said that quite a lot of them must have had their prayers answered by being rescued.” Tamara said. “So, you think that some prayers are answered with a no?”

“When I was growing up, I prayed a lot that my mother would be cured of her migraines. She wasn't, at least not for a long time,” Mitch replied. But, one night in high school I was out very late, on the outskirts of Dundas, Ontario and none of my friends were able to give me a ride home. While trying to hitchhike, I got very frightened and prayed a kind of desperate prayer for a ride home. Within seconds a pair of headlights came around the corner. The driver and his girlfriend picked me up and drove me right to my house.”

Tamara shrugged Mitch's experience off as a coincidence and continued with her questions, which soon refocused on New Orleans. “You don't hear a lot about answered prayers on the CBC coverage,” she said. Mitch surprised her by telling her to Oprah for the real description of what is happening.

“People appearing on her coverage of the hurricane clean-up were often talking about prayers and Jesus, and help for victims was coming from churches. One show ended with an informal cluster of people singing ‘Amazing Grace' spontaneously,” he recounted.

“People sing about God's love when bodies are appearing and they've just survived the worst time of their lives? I'll have to think about that a little more.”

Tamara rose to leave, but had one more question before she headed to class.

Your mother — did she, does she, believe in God?”

Mitch replied simply, “Yes, and yes.”

Continued next week.
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