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Album Review: Pretend Weezer didn't record Make Believe

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | September 19th, 2005

Another issue already and another disc that I picked up over the summer months that I need to give the spotlight to:

Weezer — Make Believe

Usually, I review stuff that I like because I don't go out and spend the money on stuff that I know I'm going to hate just for the sake of listening to it, reaffirming my beliefs and having to write about it. That's just a little “about me” fact that I think most of you should know considering my positive reviews over the last two issues.

I'll start this review off on a negative note, though; I hate “Beverly Hills.” That song is one of the most boring and annoying songs I've heard in a long time. I like Weezer and have everything by them (hence why I picked this up, even though I heard that piece of crap tune), so don't fret when I say that I can't stand that song.
I'll counter that statement by saying that Make Believe has three of the BEST songs Weezer have ever made. “Perfect Situation” is just one of those catchy singalong/groove tunes that you just can't hate. The addition of a piano just makes the song even more diverse. “This is Such a Pity” brings forth a Weezer take on a 80's tune while “Peace” presents a laid back Weezer with a full-on attack on a song. I know that sounds confusing, but if you've heard it, you'll get it.

River's vocals are probably the most diverse and strong that they've ever been on any Weezer disc. Unfortunately, more negativity comes from me when I listen to the lyrics. For the better part of the disc the lyrics are so bad that I can't listen to them. I'm not too big on lyrics; I don't care what the artist says for the most part. The problem lies with songs being about so much love and caring and being friends that it makes me think that this is the soundtrack for a Care Bears movie. Rivers just loves too much on this disc and it makes me sick and also makes some of the songs, in my mind, unbearable…excuse the pun. One song that is on the edge of this rant is “We are All on Drugs.” The song is catchy but the lyrics are just plainly stupid.

Weezer is a good band but the lyrics and their lead-off single made this disc a little hard for me to embrace. I'll spin the hell out of it for the three songs aforementioned, but besides that it's hard for me to listen to the whole thing. Even the enhanced portion of the disc is disappointing, seeing how bands have Dual Disc versions or come packed with a bonus DVD for the fans. I'm giving this one a 6 out of 10.

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