Current Issue: Friday, October 16th, 2020

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Choosing a bank account to hold and shelter your funds can be a daunting task
With so many financial institutions claiming to offer the best services for your student lifestyle, it can be difficult to pinpoint what is truly best for you or how to properly manage the account. Read more

Activities to do around London on a budget
Hard to believe, but London, Ont. is home to many activities and attractions that can provide entertainment without breaking the bank. Read more

Places to Call Your Home Away From Home
Moving away from home can be an overwhelming experience to say the least. Luckily tucked away in the city of London, Ontario are places that can bring you the reminder and warmth of home during your years in Canada at Fanshawe College. Read more

A how to guide: Diversifying your wardrobe
The privilege of experiencing a worldly surge of thousands of years worth of foreign culture assimilating into the one which you are familiar with is exhilarating as this progresses society further into advancement. Read more

Top Valentine's Day Films
Whether it's the infamous airport departure scene where the newly enlightened man chases after the 'one' before she heads off into a faraway land forever, the couples quarreled in the pouring rain and finally the arrival of the long-awaited kiss, romantic movies always find a way to tug at our heartstrings Read more

The guide to single-handedly capitalizing on Valentine's Day
We've been taught that on Feb. 14 unless you are actively en-route to the one, any activities done on said day as a single entity might as well be accompanied by a sad, sad song by a tiny, tiny violin. Read more

Gym etiquette 101
Almost every, if not all gym goers have experienced this feeling, the uncertainty behind how to act when in the gym environment. Read more

Staying Active on a $mall Budget
Volunteering at the humane society, checking out local ads for fitness events, walking, using YouTube as a personal fitness instructor, taking advantage of guest gym memberships and MacGyver-ing your own gym are way to stay active on a small budget.  Read more

To be a Savvy Scrooge: DIY gifts under $15
Here's a few million dollar ideas without breaking the budget and guaranteed to be a hit in their perfect eyes. Read more

The Secret Life of Trees
They are the omniscient spectator to the happenings of the outside world, gentle giants of green and brown whose colours change only to the tune of the crisp fall air serving as a reminder to grab that pumpkin spice latte. Read more

K-Cups are K-illing the Environment
Single pods of prepackaged ground coffee, ready and waiting to be inserted into the Keurig machine for a quick, fresh cup of coffee at a fraction of the cost and time of a Tim Horton's or Starbucks and with little mess to boot. Read more

Mental illness: what you should know
According to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), approximately 10-20 per cent of youth are affected by a mental illness or disorder and roughly 49 per cent of people who believe to suffer from depression or anxiety have never visited a doctor about the issue. Read more


Movies to get you out of that slump
The magic of movies comes from knowing that at a rate of 24 frames per second with accompanying audio, a sequence of still pictures played quickly enough can make an audience experience a whole spectrum of human emotion. Read more

Ziploc your way to healthy eating
When hunger pangs hit, it's hard to concentrate on work or school as all your depleting energy is spent towards thinking of food. Read more

Smoothies 101
Smoothies (if done correctly) are a great way to get a favourable portion of veggies, proteins, fruits, fi bres and many other important nutrients in a few delicious gulps. Read more

Consent: The black and white definition
Sex can be an amazing activity that brings two (or more) people together mentally, physically and emotionally wherein sensations are at an utmost high. On the other end of the spectrum, sex can really be just a meaningless, but fun romp and nothing more. Read more


The not so great outdoors: Why public sex is overrated
Grouped in with the likes of orgies and other popular acts, there's little to no wonder why public sex is deemed a big enough theme to be given a category of its own in the world of pornography. Read more

The places you'll go with the bus stops you'll see
For the majority of students, the London Transit Commission (LTC) buses will be the main method of transportation to get through the city during the school year. With almost 50 different bus routes and over 2190 bus stops throughout the city, it's easy to get lost or overwhelmed during your first few times of ridership. Read more

Your guide to the City of London
London is a city with a population of just under 400,000 people and features many things to do and see. The city can be separated into different areas, with each area offering something different. Regardless of your lifestyle, the Forest City is bound to have something that caters to you. Read more

Welcome to Fanshawe's new Wellness and Fitness Centre
Construction of Fanshawe College's Wellness and Fitness Centre is now complete and available for students to use throughout the school year. Read more

Ontario passes bills for a better tomorrow
Michael Coteau, Minister of Children and Youth Services and the Minister Responsible for Anti-Racism, successfully had two legislations passed on June 1st that will create a better future for all children, youth and people of colour. Read more

Increase to Ontario minimum wage
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, announced on May 30 of plans to implement measures in plans to create a fairer work environment for those employed within the province.  Read more

Cheap Eats: Globally Local
Situated at 252 Dundas St., between Clarence and Wellington is Canada's first all vegan fast food restaurant, Globally Local. Read more

New movies coming in summer 2017
Find a movie for your summer entertainment. A look at Wonder Woman, The Dark Tower, The Mummy and more. Read more

Seth Marcaccio breaking records and setting the running bar high
Seth Marcaccio is setting the bar high when it comes to life after post-secondary education. Read more

Fanshawe marks well with key performance indicators survey
With a student population of roughly 43,000 students, Fanshawe College is an institution filled with different people from all walks of life. According to data collected amongst the 24 major colleges in Ontario, it seems that students who chose Fanshawe as their post-secondary institution have made an effective and sound decision. Read more

Fanshawe paralegal students place first in mock trial cup competition
Students from the College's Paralegal Student Association (PSA) came, saw and conquered Durham College's Paralegal Mock Trial Cup competition in Oshawa. Read more

Premier Kathleen Wynne and Deputy Premier Deb Matthews explain youth focused projects
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and MPP for London North Centre and Deputy Premier of Ontario, Deb Matthews, spoke at Western University to voice their support on today's youth during what Wynne considered uncertain times. Read more

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