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Canada's Food Guide part 2
Many governments around the world have a set of healthy eating guidelines that put together by a group of experts in the health & wellness industry. Read more

Five sinful foods you thought were healthy
How good are you at spotting good food versus bad food? Read more

The new Canada's Food Guide (Part 1)
Canada's Food Guide has been around since 1942 when it was called Canada's Food Rules. It was and still is, meant to be a tool to educate consumers about healthy eating. Read more

Five key nutrients you probably don't know you need
There are bound to be a number of nutrients, like the five above, that you probably don't know exist and that you need in your life. Read more

A breakdown of Canada's newly implemented Food Guide
On Jan. 22, Health Canada revealed a revamped version of Canada's Food Guide, replacing the outdated 2007 food guide. Read more

What to eliminate in a daily diet
Weight creeps up on people in the colder months of the year because of the lack of exercise and binge eating during holiday seasons. Read more

Healthy eating habits are not a hassle
Meal prepping is an essential way to help keep you on track for a healthy lifestyle. Read more

How to start a fitness routine this year
Learn the foundations to starting your own fitness routine this year. Uncover ways to set goals, what to look for, and supplement breakdown. Read more

Realistic fitness goals
Many New Year's resolutions involve setting a fitness goal. General fitness goals are arbitrary and immeasurable. This makes the goal less attainable and less likely to be met by the end of the year. Read more

Mean, green, vegan machine
Going vegan may mean supplementing various dietary requirements that are found in animal products with (sometimes) less effective plant-based diets which require much more planning and restrictions. Read more

Five New Year's resolutions you can actually keep
With a new year comes the idea of starting fresh. It's the cycle of New Year's Resolutions. Read more

A healthy lifestyle: Expectation versus reality
Living a healthy lifestyle isn't something that can happen overnight, but with time and patience, it is possible to get there. Read more

Staying active as a student
It's extremely hard trying to lead a healthy lifestyle as a post-secondary student. The two concepts just don't line up very well and one of the most difficult aspects of this is finding the time and energy to exercise and stay in shape. Read more

Eating on a budget
Being a post-secondary student can definitely work up an appetite. Unfortunately, however, being a student also means living on a tight budget and cutting back on some of the luxuries in life. Read more

Five habits that cause you to gain weight
There are many different reasons why someone may be gaining a bit too much weight. These five reasons may help pinpoint why you've gained those few extra pounds. Read more

Cheaper ways to get your fruit and veggies
One of the most lacking parts of a student's diet tends to be their intake of fruits and vegetables. They tend to spoil much quicker than other products, and buying in bulk doesn't bold well on the money pockets. Read more

Some neat organic and vegan friendly eateries in London
Making ethical decisions has never been more delicious and simple. London is a wealth of organic food, grown locally and ethically. Become a vegan warrior and join the movement with some of Interrobang's local spots in town. Read more

Health and Fitness: Glutes, guts and gratitude
With the Thanksgiving weekend right around the corner, it might be hard to stay on track of your fitness journey. However, if you make tiny goals and steps that lead up to bigger goals, you'll see progress over time. Read more

Exploring London's first vegan food bank
Brennan Moore began his journey with veganism two and a half years ago. Read more

Meal ideas to help you get through this school year
Struggling to decide what to make yourself for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Check out our meal prep guide. Read more

Health and Fitness: Healthy eating on campus
Whether you carry a meal plan or you have long hours of classes, chances are you are going to order some food on campus once or twice. Read more

Health and Fitness: Understanding your personal fitness journey
How much should I weigh and how many calories should I be taking in? These are two very common and related questions we as fitness trainers get asked every day. Read more

Health and Fitness: What to do when you're about to eat your stress away
You need to study right now, but instead you find yourself in the kitchen staring into the refrigerator hoping the eating will make you smarter for your big test tomorrow. Read more

Province passes concussion safety bill
In a unanimous decision, the provincial government passed a bill earlier this month that will help protect amateur sports players from concussions. Read more

Student Wellness Centre hosts nutrition class
Fanshawe's very own Student Wellness Centre is hosting a nutrition class for those students and staff that want to get fit and healthy. Read more

Canada's Food Guide finally receiving revamp in 2018
Since elementary school, we've become accustomed to the iconic pyramid that is Canada's Food Guide. Now, Canada's Food Guide is set for a revamp - its first update since 2007. Read more

Health and Fitness: How much do we need to eat, really?
5 to 10 a day was the old saying for the amount of fruits and vegetables we should eat on a daily basis. I don't know about you but that is a big difference and it was confusing to most as it doesn't tell us how big the portion is. Read more

Eight healthy, quick and easy-to-make snack ideas
Sometimes it can be hard to whip up something healthy when you're on a time crunch. The Interrobang came up with eight healthy snack ideas that can be modified to your liking, are easy to make and take little time to create. Read more

VegFest London to take place this Saturday
The general public will have the opportunity to learn more about vegan-friendly organizations and listen to guest speakers at this year's VegFest London. Read more

Health and Fitness: An apple a day can certainly help keep the doctor away
What is it about the apple that seems to symbolize health? Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away? We've all heard the old saying, but where does it come from and does it have any validity? Read more

Organic tea: Good for your health and the environment
Tea is an ancient drink that many have drunk for centuries for its soothing taste and medicinal properties. In the wake of the modern era, however, tea has been polluted by the production of technology. The use of pesticides and chemically produced tea bags have created some drinks harmful for human consumption Read more

Health and Fitness: Taking care of your mind, body and soul while in school
Starting school again can be overwhelming, but making the time to take care of your mind, body and soul will help you have a positive and less stressful year. Read more

Meal ideas to help you get through this school year
Lunches can often be prepped the week before in large batches. Some ideas include salad and soups. Another thing that has become popular is Bento Box lunch boxes. Read more

Cheap Eats: Globally Local
Situated at 252 Dundas St., between Clarence and Wellington is Canada's first all vegan fast food restaurant, Globally Local. Read more

Meet your new FSU president: Morganna Sampson
Meet Morganna Sampson, your new Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) president for the 2017-2018 school year. Sampson is set to make a difference for the FSU, college, and its students. Read more

What happens to fat when you exercise?
There's a fire inside all of us that unleashes when we exercise called endorphins or adrenaline. You start to feel every artery pulsing, heartrate rising, veins circulating with warm blood. Read more

Eat your greens
The more colourful, whole, raw foods you eat, the better off your diet and health will be. Colour typically translates to more disease fighting antioxidants, and more nutrients all around. Read more


You are what you eat
March is nutrition month and I hope to share some information with you over the next few weeks that will help you make the best choice possible towards your health and wellbeing, achieving your fitness goals and looking and feeling food. Read more


Love your body
If you treat your body badly, then it will respond the same way. Of course, there are variables that we can't or have little control over. So take a look at what you can control and work with it. Read more


A meal plan that works
Healthy eating is easy and hard at the same time. Many people make excuses that it takes too long or too much work or it's too expensive. Read more

London city hall considering the removal of all city-owned vending machines
Public health was discussed over a city hall plan to ban all pop and candy machines from London city-owned facilities. Read more

Don't "new year, new me" me
For most, the first day of the new year means setting yourself up with a New Year's resolution after a reflection on how to improve the oncoming year. Read more

Workout supplements: Are they right for you?
It once seemed quite easy to just take vitamins and supplements and go about the rest of your day, but the culture has shifted and they are now a bigger aspect of people's lives. Read more

Organic does not mean unaffordable
Healthy eating is key to a happy heart. However, no matter how careful we are, it's hard to stay healthy when we don't know how our food is grown. Read more

Healthy crockpot chili
Chili is a delicious, healthy, hearty and filling meal, which makes for a perfect fall dinner. Read more

Crockpots: The easiest way to eat a delicious meal
Healthy crockpot meals are generally easy to make and the smell is amazing when you come home hungry later in the day. Read more

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