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Predicting the future at E3 2019
It's that time of the year again when one of America's largest video game conferences, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), will be on June 11 to June 13 this year in Los Angeles. Read more

Five must-see movies coming to theatres
Spring is around the corner, but before you end hibernating and spend more time outside, take the time to check out some great movies instead. Read more

Top five movies of 2018
Movies are a great way to spend time with friends and family, kill some time, or just keep you company. Here are the top five 2018 movies. Read more

Summer 2018 Movie Guide
Get ready students because summer is here and with it, a whole slew of new movies to enjoy this break. Read more

From comic books to film, superheroes soar to new heights
Comic books have been a popular source of reading material for generations and films featured around the characters of these stories have followed closely behind. Read more

Logan is a bold, mature and heartfelt take on a superhero film
Logan is the 10th installment in the X-Men superhero film series and the third and final to feature Wolverine in which he embarks on a road trip in the dystopian future of 2029 to save a young mutant girl with powers similar to his own. Read more

Mind-blowing special effects and missed opportunities
With the desperate-seeming, though well received appearance of Antman, abandoned Superman reboots and stubborn failed attempts at making a cool Hulk movie, the state and significance of super hero films in recent years has begun to appear questionable at best, desperate at worst. Read more

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