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<em>Parasite</em> wins best picture: What does this mean for the Oscars?
After being characteristically predictable, the Oscars delivered a climactic twist to their award show this year by awarding Parasite as best picture. Read more

Do you know your pride history?
The 1960's was a very dark time for men and women. Expressing any sexuality other than heterosexual was considered illegal. Read more

Types of drag you may not know of
With Canada's Drag Race coming to CraveTV, there is ample opportunity to see the range of what Canada's drag scene has to offer. Read more

Local international grocery stores
There are several groceries stores here in London that stock up on products from different cultural groups around the world. Read more

Local cultural clubs
London has a diverse population, however sometimes people miss being surrounded by things relating to their own personal heritage. Read more

Sustainability Bulletin: Diversity is important to sustainability
Diversity in sustainability presents a chance for inclusion and acceptance of all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, background and social status. Read more

Does the Christian Church stifle diversity?
Opinion: All churches can do better about being inclusive. Read more

Oscar nominations disappoint again
Another awards season, another conversation about diversity. I have to wonder: If we talk about this every year, why does nothing change? Read more

Running the interracial dating dash: A historical approach
Challenges, bigotry and isolation are all factors that people in interracial relationships have to endure. Read more

Combating ableism in our school: what ableism is and being an ally
Ableism is discrimination in the favour of able-bodied people. With that said, most people reading this are probably thinking to themselves that they do not do anything outwardly ableist on purpose. Read more

Building a multicultural community
Our neighbours, our classmates, and our work acquaintances bring to our lives an exciting and eclectic collection of cultures and traditions. Read more

How churches can now be seen as too diverse
Some people say that they stay away from, or have distanced themselves from the Church, because it is not committed to the inclusion of a diversity of people. But I think that often it is exactly the opposite. Read more

Five ways to understand and celebrate the diversity around you
Observing and understanding cultural differences is a great way to become more connected in the Fanshawe and London communities. Read more

Why you should learn a new language
With the number of translation apps that are accessible now it is becoming easier and easier to only speak one language. Read more

Beauty standards around the world
Standards of beauty across the world is not the same for each country, but what makes us different is something quite beautiful. Read more

The cultural groups of London, Ontario
In a large city like London there is a vast diversity of culture to explore, from different types of restaurants to specialty stores.. Read more

Religions from around the world
Learn about the religions practiced by various cultures across the globe. Read more

Get to know the Indigenous community
Without a post-secondary education, Indigenous people's employment rate is approximately 40 per cent, whereas with an education, the average approximate employment rate increases to about 77 per cent Read more

Have An International Experience
An international experience is quite valuable and can be had right here if you make the right connections. Fanshawe College has been recognized as one of the top schools in the world for international student satisfaction. Read more

Places to Call Your Home Away From Home
Moving away from home can be an overwhelming experience to say the least. Luckily tucked away in the city of London, Ontario are places that can bring you the reminder and warmth of home during your years in Canada at Fanshawe College. Read more

Diversity Is Our Strength: Get to know the variety of religions the world has to offer
Diversity should be seen as a strength. People make up parts of a body that come together to function as a whole, each bringing unique gifts and ideas to the table. Here are some examples of the different forms of religion one may identify with. Read more

A how to guide: Diversifying your wardrobe
The privilege of experiencing a worldly surge of thousands of years worth of foreign culture assimilating into the one which you are familiar with is exhilarating as this progresses society further into advancement. Read more

London raising its hands against racism
Tuesday, March 21 marked the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which it aims to support actions in the lives of everyday people to stand up, encourage and defend the rights of others. Read more

What's gender got to do with it?
Your genitals do not determine your gender. Biological sex and gender identity exist on two separate spectrums and they don't always correlate. Read more

"Anything positive is accepted": Fanshawe's religious accomodations
With social movements and battles creating norms of those less-favoured ideals of the past, establishments of all sorts are working in supporting the diverse range of religious beliefs of people by making accommodations and facilities increasingly common and easily accessible. Read more

(Just) say my name
Everyday individuals make subconscious assumptions about others based off the appearances that society has been brought up to perceive in a specific manner. But times are changing, and there is a growing number of people who understand that the world has not been constructed in binaries. Read more

What does LGBTQ+ stand for?
The LGBTQ+ term is constantly used and spoken of, but not many know that there is more to the rainbow community than simply lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender individuals. Read more

Classic Classified Classrooms
Gender bias and dominance in the classroom is a familiar notion; however, it is not addressed as often as it should be. Diversity is important, and aside from race, sexual orientation or gender, everyone is different as a person. Read more

Degrassi: Seeing the way one show culturally shifted sexuality displayed on TV
One can say that a main driving factor in the TV landscape that has shaped the cultural and sexual shift for today's society includes Degrassi. From the beginning when the show debuted in the '80s and over the years and seasons, and up to today's batch of episodes, Degrassi has been the show to discuss tough subjects, including that of sex and sexuality. Read more

What Does Kerra Seay?: Diversity makes us stronger, not weaker
North American society as we know it is founded on the concept of immigrants and immigration. If you don't know this already, read a goddamn book. So why is anti-immigration rhetoric so popular right now? Read more

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