Fanshawe alumna wins two SiriusXM titles

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Fanshawe alumna Jessica Allossery won both the Best Singer-Songwriter Discovery of 2016 and the Best Coffee House Song of 2016 on the SiriusXM radio channels' Coffee House polls.

On Jan. 4, Jessica Allossery, an Indie-Folk singer-songwriter from London, won two titles on the SiriusXM radio channel’s Coffee House polls.

Her song “I’ll Let You Go”, originally commissioned by and written for a fan, was voted the Best Coffee House Song of 2016.

According to Allossery, the nominations were based on the popularity of the songs within Sirius XM. The winner was then chosen based on the public vote. The singer, who was up against artists such as The Lumineers, Ruth B, Charlie Puth and Lukas Graham, said she was not expecting to win.

“There’s little ol’ me here in London, an independent singer-songwriter, and I got to honourably take home the title. It was an incredible feeling,” Allossery said.

Adamm Liley, professor of advanced filmmaking at Fanshawe, said that after having Allossery as a student, it was no surprise to him that she won such an award.

“One of the things that really stuck out for the faculty was that she had a drive and a work ethic that certainly stood out. You always saw that she was always driven and almost immediately she turned that drive into her music career,” Liley said.

Allossery explained that the song was inspired by a father who wished to give his daughter something special to his daughter on her wedding day.

“I offer the ‘Gift of Song’ on my website where I write a song about anything or anyone. In this particular case… he asked me to write a song for the father-daughter dance,” Allossery said.

Allossery was also named the best singer-songwriter discovery of 2016.

“I’ve been so supported by my online fanbase and the amazing London Community. I never expected to receive so much love and support so close to home, and I am thankful every single day for the congratulatory messages I receive almost daily. I am feeling all the love for sure,” Allossery said.

The 27-year-old singer said she began teaching herself how to play guitar through YouTube videos approximately nine years ago and started writing her own songs only one month later.

“It’s really important that my music brings inspiration and healing to my listeners. I like bringing messages of changing the world, loving one another, making a difference, healing,” Allossery said.

Allossery said that what influences her as an artist are different art forms, indie artists and also seeing others make change happen in the world around her.

“Being out in nature gives me fuel to write new material, and being in relationships and around love brings fourth a lot of raw emotions for music too,” Allossery said.

Not only an awarded singer, Allossery also won awards for her emotion-evoking short film “Miles for Myles”, a documentary of a student who had been killed as a result of a bullying incident. As a project that was created as an assignment during her time in the filmmaking program at Fanshawe, the film is still shown six years later by faculty, as an example to upcoming students.

“She was certainly in the top of the class…and very driven to do the best she could to make a good product… we’re very proud of that piece of work that she produced,” Liley said.

Allossery has created over 200 music videos that have received over six million views on YouTube. She acknowledges that the videography program that she completed in 2011 at Fanshawe helped enhance her skills and professionalism when it came to directing, producing and editing her own videos.

She also uses her video skills for other outlets such as creating online courses for other musicians to access who are interested in learning how to make their own DIY videos.

“Videography is my second passion and the fact that I’m able to incorporate both in my day to day life as a musician is such a joy for me. I’m thankful everyday,” Allossery said.

Video editing courses are not the only thing that can be found on her website. She also uses it as a blog to share her thoughts, travel experiences, news and to encourage others.

Allossery is currently looking forward to releasing her third album and writing and releasing a book sometime during 2017 that she can take on a USA House Concert tour. She also hopes that as a fan-funded artist, she will become self-sustaining in order to hire a publisher, publicist and an agent.

“I want to be able to travel the world, bringing my music and healing to people of all cultures, and surviving comfortably as an artist,” Allossery said.

Some advice she has for emerging musicians such as herself who aspire to be recognized is to never stop trying and put your whole heart into it.

“Push for the stars, create little goals and achieve them, and then dream up more goals. It’s a never- ending cycle... Stay grounded, work your ass off and never forget where you came from,” Allossery said.

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