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Fanshawe alumni brother trio bring a modern and fresh take on the local barbershop scene

Jessica Eden | Interrobang | News | January 23rd, 2017

Three brothers, originally from Trinidad and Tobago, recently opened their own barbershop, Ox and Bow, located at 205 Oxford Street East this past December.

Two out of the three brothers came to Canada with the purpose of completing post-secondary education at Fanshawe; Jephthae (Vaughn) Patron completed culinary arts management and Jeffrey Patron completed the general arts and science program while also working on obtaining his commercial pilot license.

Jephthae was the first one to discover his passion for hair styling while working for a barbershop parttime while he was at school.

The third brother to immigrate to Canada was Jaeson Patron who decided to move when his brother Jephthae presented him with a business proposal.

“He came to me last year with the idea of possibly opening up a shop and that’s how I ended up coming to partner,” Jaeson said.

The other partner of the business is Alexander McKenzie, a psychology student currently enrolled at Western.

The brothers explained that when it comes to delegating tasks for the shop, they do it so that each has an equal amount of work and responsibility. While Jaeson oversees the “behind the scenes” work such HR and marketing, Jephthae is responsible for the operation of the business during the day and also the social media outlets.

“Because we’re all brothers and we all grew up so close…we know each other and we trust each other to do the task. So that applies to our life and to our business,” Jephthae said.

Jephthae attributes the skills he learned at Fanshawe as being transferable to his business.

“At school I learned how to deal with people...Because I was doing culinary I was good with my hands and I had an eye for detail when it comes to the business aspect, living on my own and having to deal with everything on my own helped me realize how far we could go,” Jephthae said.

Jeffrey said that he hopes people who come to their barbershop feel welcomed and treated like an individual.

“We want people walking out saying ‘This is the best haircut I’ve ever had in my life’. That is our goal. Our goal is to give someone that impression so that they will always come back,” Jephthae said.

For the brothers, getting a haircut is more than just the end result, it is also about the experience.

“I do care about how people look because a good haircut could change someone’s life, someone’s day. It’s so much more than a haircut and so that’s what we realize I could change people’s emotions with a haircut. I think that’s the next thing that sets us apart,” Jephthae said.

Jaeson added that he looks forward to seeing a person’s facial expression when they see their new cut for the first time.

The shop offers services including male cuts, undercuts for men and women, boy’s haircuts and facial hair trimming. It has a modern-style feel with a widescreen TV that the brothers encourage people to come challenge them at video games while also getting the best hair cut of their life.
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