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Spotted: Fanshawe's stylish students


The transitional season from winter to spring is quickly approaching, and though it can be tricky to find suitable outfits to wear at this time in the year, these ladies are making it work, while maintaining their unique style.

Melissa Novacaska | Interrobang | Lifestyles | February 27th, 2017

As we’re getting to the end of winter and spring is creeping up on us, it’s getting closer to pulling out all the lightweight materials, pastels and florals galore. However, there’s bound to be at least one more snow fall in the forecast, so it can still be difficult to find an outfit that works both aesthetically and practically since it’s still chilly in the morning but slightly warmer during the day. However there’s still time to find the outfit that works for you and to get this point across, the Interrobang found three students who are making the best out of the early transitional season. They might even inspire you to find and rock your own pre-spring outfit.


Name: Jessica Eden

Program: Fanshawe and Western’s Collaborative Bachelor of Science and Nursing (BScN) Program

Style: “My overall style I’d say would be sweet, but also fun. I like girly looks but I also like making it look a little bit more grown up as well.”

Today’s Outfit: “I’d say the jeans and the boots are kind of my grown up aspect to it, but the pink scarf makes it a little more flirty and fun with the white lace as well.” Eden said her lipstick for the day was a bold choice, since she tends to go for pink and nude tones, but decided to go with blue on this day.”

Favourite Shops: Aerie, since it fits Eden’s style with the florals, pink and more of a girly look. She also likes American Eagle.


Name: Amanda Elliott

Program: Culinary Management

Style: “I like to stick with the trends, and that kind of thing, but I like keeping basics. A lot of my wardrobe I like to have where I can wear it to school and then I can dress it up a little bit too without having to have too much in my closet.

Today’s Outfit: “Today’s look was actually just grabbing something. I typically like to grab stuff that’s comfortable that I can just hang out in because I’m stuck waiting two hours between classes, or I’m getting out of a lab and I just want something quick and easy to throw on.”

Favourite Shops: Elliott likes Giant Tiger since it’s both affordable and sticks with trends as well. Sometimes she likes going to Winners for more expensive items.


Name: Navjot Virk

Program: Health Systems Management (Administration)

Style: “I don’t have a particular style, I just go with everything I like to wear. Anything.”

Today’s Outfit: One of Virk’s favourite colours is navy blue, which is one reason why this dress works well for her.

“I like to wear ethnic wear, I’m from India, so I really love to wear ethnic things and I have these earrings, they’re ethnic and I just mix anything, whatever I like.”

Favourite Shops: Though Virk is not too much of a shopper nor has a favourite shop, she does like to look around and see what she can find.
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