What does this sex toy do?

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Sex toys are a way to help spruce up your sex life. you can use them solo or spice things up in the bedroom with you and your lover.

For first time users, knowing what toy is best to use may be a little daunting. Some of the toys are not inherently obvious in their functions, while others are too obvious to get wrong.

To help along those interested in the sex toy voyage, below is a guide on popular toys and how to use them.


The dildo is the easiest to understand sex toy. They are usually phallic shaped and are used for penetration. Both men and women use them for anal or vaginal penetration. Dildos come in various lengths, sizes, widths and shapes. Most of the time dildos are straight, but some are curved to hit the G-spot easier. Some even sport a vibrating option.


They are pumped in and out of the vagina or rectum by you or your partner, mimicking actual intercourse.


Vibrators have the widest variety of types and what they stimulate. This sex toy does exactly what its name means, it vibrates. These can be used in many different spots on the body and also internally, and helps bring pleasure to both men and women. Some types are bullets, finger, clitoris focused and massagers, all of which may be used in different ways to bring about pleasure.


Turn on the vibrator and put it in a n area of the body that brings pleasure and let it do its magic.


A two in one deal, this is a toy that is used by women to obtain a ‘blended climax.’ The shaft of the toy internally stimulates with pulsation or vibration while the ‘tickler’ on top, mostly shaped like rabbit ears, cups the clitoris, stimulating it with pressure.


Insert the shaft into the vagina and hold while turning on the vibration or pulsating feature.


Also known as ‘the mini sex machine,’ this item mimics the back and forth movement of sex. They come shaped like a dildo or even a rabbit. Pulsators can be used vaginally or anally. Plus, this toy can do all the work by itself, leaving you or your partner hands free to explore other ways to bring pleasure.


Insert into the vagina or rectum and turn on to begin the thrusting action.


This sex toy is a simple oval shaped object that flares at the base. It’s a good toy to use to introduce one to anal sex. Popular among both men and women.


Start out with massaging the area around the anus to relax it. Don’t forget to lube it! As it says in its name, you or your lover insert the plug into the rectum slowly and gradually until all that is sticking out is the flare base. Never force it in past the base because it will get stuck and cause serious health problems. For beginners, start with something small like a pinky or a smaller sized toy to get the rectum used to it.


These rings are worn around the penis and are used to constrict blood flow so that the man’s shaft will stay harder for longer. The purpose is to produce a more intense orgasm. They come in a variety of materials including silicone, leather, metal and more. Some cock rings vibrate and others also have attachments that help pleasure the partner as well like a clitoris handle to add stimulation to the clit.


Stretch the ring around the base of the penis shaft. Optionally, it can be worn around the testicles too. To do so, slip it over the penis when flaccid and slip one ball through at a time so it encompasses the space behind them on the shaft. It can also be worn on just the balls themselves. Warning, don’t wear one for more than 5 to 10 minutes so that you don’t cut off the blood circulation to the penis. Signs of cut off circulation include swelling, pain or if the genitals feel cold.


They are a tube or sleeved object that mimics the folds of the vagina for men. They have ribs and nubs to create a texture different from a hand. Some are able to vibrate and even warm up.


Insert the penis between the folds of the sleeve or tube, then thrust at your or your partner’s pleasure area.

TIP: research before hand the best toy for you and how to use it and always make sure to keep your sex toys clean as instructed in the toy’s manual.