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Former MIA student launches to stardom


London-based musician Saveria D'Ippolito is eager to return to the studio after winning the third episode of CTV's second season of The Launch.

Angela McInnes | Interrobang | News | February 22nd, 2019

The secret is out at last.

For months, Saveria D’Ippolito played coy when asked about her stint on CTV’s The Launch. When the episode aired on Feb. 13, she was finally able to celebrate her victory with friends and family as the second season’s third winner.

Now, the London-based musician and former Fanshawe Music Industry Arts (MIA) student can talk openly about what’s next on her road to stardom.

“[Being on The Launch] was an intense experience, but so exciting too because this is the real life industry,” D’Ippolito said over the phone, the morning after the nation tuned in to watch her compete against four other hopeful acts. “I got a little taste in the show and now it’s real, now it’s the full opportunity taking flight.”

It’s the big break that D’Ippolito said she’s been waiting for almost her whole life. Originally from Russell, Ont., she moved to London at a young age with her single mother and enrolled in local theatre programs.

She first encountered showbiz when she joined the Mini-Pop Kids cover troupe at nine years old. Recording commercials, learning songs and appearing in music videos wasn’t just a hobby for D’Ippolito; it was a true passion, as well as a career choice.

“I had to grow up really fast,” she said. “I was the kind of kid who wouldn’t go to parties. I would stay at home and practise instead. It was hard for me socially in many ways, because most kids [at that age] don’t know what they want to do.”

After leaving the group at 13, D’Ippolito focused on honing a distinct soul-inspired sound with her voice and guitar. She eventually became part of the local band, Daytrip, and studied in the MIA program for over a year before leaving to concentrate more heavily on performance over production.

“I loved MIA,” she said. “I met so many amazing people and jammed with so many amazing artists [.] It’s still in my mind to come back and finish it if I can, because it is valuable information. I think [leaving] was the right choice at the right time for me.”

During her episode of The Launch, D’Ippolito auditioned for Big Machine Records CEO and record executive, Scott Borchetta, songwriter Jon Levine and Canadian musicians Marie-Mai and Max Kerman (Arkells), who later mentored her on recording an original song, “Down to the Roots”. She said that working with the industry heavyweights was intimidating and at times, she briefly lost her confidence thinking back to past rejections and challenges.

“In the studio with Jon and Scott, it was freeing to have them push me to this level where I didn’t really expect myself to go, and you kind of lose this fear, this internal fear of maybe making a mistake, or just doing something wrong,” she recalled.

In hindsight, she said that she now sees how despite those past obstacles, the stars appear to have aligned in her favour.

“With the upcoming Junos in London, what a perfect time for me to break into the industry. It could not be better timing,” D’Ippolito said.

D’Ippolito came out of The Launch signed to Big Machine Label Group, with her recording of “Down to the Roots” released to all music-listening platforms and an increased social media fan-base. While she can’t yet say what this all means for her day job, she confirmed that she is itching to make more music.

“I’m looking forward to recording the most. I have so many creative ideas in my head, it’s like, overflowing at this point,” she said. “I have little guitar riffs or little lines I’d love to use in a song, and I’m just aching to get into a studio to start being creative again, and hopefully pop out another amazing song just as good as “Down in the Roots.”

You can learn more about D’Ippolito at her Saveria Facebook page, or send her a tweet at @SaveriaMusic.
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