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Fanshawe upgrading washrooms


Expect new sustainable features in the new D1007 and D1008 washrooms, including automatic faucets, LED lighting, and a hand dryer only, the last of which will reduce paper waste. 3D renderings by Fanshawe facilities technician Samuel Adanyi show the all-in-one soap, water, and hand drying sinks.

Emily Stewart | Interrobang | News | September 6th, 2019

As early as the end of September, there will be additional washrooms at Fanshawe College that are more sustainable and accessible.

Jon Fitzgeorge, the College’s project coordinator for these particular renovations, said that washrooms “D1008, D1007, and the old D1054 and [D1056]” will be updated. Fitzgeorge elaborated that the last two washrooms he listed will be “split into single occupancy washrooms”.

Donna McInnis, the College’s manager of project and construction management, added that the updates will bring five washrooms in that area instead of two.

Fitzgeorge said some of the updates include more accessible washrooms.

“We’re adding two complete barrier-free washrooms, which will be a huge addition to D Building.”

McInnis added that the washrooms, which she called “universal” will be “AODA compliant”.

In a follow-up email with Interrobang, Fitzgeorge said the new D1056-1 and D1056-2 are the “more AODA compliant rooms”, and washrooms D1054-1, D1054- 2, and D1054-3 are going to be the single stall washrooms.

McInnis also said that Fanshawe’s department of Facilities Management and Community Safety strives for sustainability, and that her departments keep energy conservation in mind when renovations are underway.

When completed, two washrooms will have new sustainable features including LED lighting, automatic faucets, and basins with “soap, water, and hand drying all in one” sink. Instead of paper towels, there will only be a hand dryer as a way to reduce paper waste.

Fitzgeorge also said that 3D renderings of the new D1007 and D1008 washrooms were designed by Fanshawe facilities technician Samuel Adanyi, which include the sustainable features.

“We’re looking to do something new,” McInnis said. “Something more maintainable for cleanliness and the space and sustainable.”

Kalila Scott, a second year environmental technology student, took over the vice president position for EnviroFanshawe during the summer. She was pleased to hear about the implementation of eco-friendly changes to the washrooms, adding it makes her feel “proud to be a student here”.

“Just being in the club and getting to know the coordinator of sustainability [Michelle Cong] at the College,” she said. “I’ve started to be more aware of how we are more eco-friendly and how we’re more conscious of certain things.”

Scott said the College composts coffee cups, for instance, which is unique to Fanshawe’s sustainability initiatives, and advocates for recycling.

McInnis said all of the renovations in D Building cost $400,000 total.

“The whole purpose of this project was differed maintenance and renewal of our infrastructure,” she said, adding that since the work is “behind the scenes” most people in the College community are unaware of “differed maintenance” projects.

“This particular project, though, did have an impact on the College community.”

Signs on the wooden boards surrounding the washrooms said the construction is expected to end on Sept. 27. Fitzgeorge said that for the most part, construction is on schedule so the work will “hopefully” be done by that date.

McInnis said that Facilities Management and Community Safety seek student feedback regarding the washroom updates. Fitzgeorge said any students can send their “questions or comments” regarding facility construction to
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