Seven budget-friendly ways to decorate your dorm room

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Simple, cost-effective ways to make your dorm room your sanctuary.

College has only just begun and I’m sure you’re still in the phase of setting up and decorating your rooms. Here’s a few cheap and easy ideas for you to make your dorm rooms the best ever.

1. Make your own wall photo mural. Purchasing a painting can range anywhere from a few bucks to hundreds or thousands of dollars. However, printing a picture on an A3 or A4-size glossy paper doesn’t cost nearly as much. And what’s better? A printable wall mural makes your room feel much larger without the permanence or cost of paintings or wallpaper.

2. Use scarves as curtains. Hate it when the light through the window hits your face early in the morning, especially when you do not have a morning lecture? I know the feeling. An affordable way to dress up your window would be to use scarves looped over a simple dowel rod attached from the ceiling with removable hooks.

3. Get yourself a packet of washi tape. Washi tape is one of the most versatile decorative tools and rolls are super cheap. Like painter’s tape, it removes without residue, meaning it’s perfect for temporarily decorating lacklustre dorm furniture. You could tape around posters or printed paintings you might have, add a message on your door, or add it around your potted plants etc.

4. Add a touch of nature. Some dorm rooms or rented rooms could be unbearably sterile, so touch it up with a bit of life by adding potted plants around it. Succulents could be a great addition to your room, and they hardly need any tending to. A little bit of sunshine and a little bit of water is enough to keep those babies alive.

5. Use twinkle lights or string lights. To upgrade your sleeping situation, you could drape the string lights on top of your canopy or use them to outline your walls. And, if you have a ton of pictures or Polaroids, simply clip it them on to the string to put on display. A pushpin could come in handy when trying to put up string lights.

6. Swap regular tea lights with electric tea lights. Since most dorms or rental places do not allow traditional candles, you could use electric tea lights from the dollar store to set the mood in your room. You could also bring a mason jar, paint it the way you like or simply use some washi tape to add texture and place the tea lights into the jar.

7. Browse thrift stores. Scour thrift stores or even your parents’ house for items you can simply dress up with a coat of paint. If you’re lucky you could find amazing articles at super cheap prices at thrift stores like Goodwill, Talize and Value Village that could help add life and texture to your rooms.

There are many ways to make your dorm rooms feel like home. You just need to keep looking for cheap and affordable options. I would also suggest browsing through Pinterest or BuzzFeed for inspiration.