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Travelling on a student budget
A huge obstacle for travelling is budget. But why spend extra money if you don't need to? Seeing the country or even the world doesn’t have to break the bank. Read more

Tips to saving money after the holidays
Student budgets are not that forgiving so it is important that you get our finances back on track after a little too much spending over the holidays. Read more

Eating on a budget
Being a post-secondary student can definitely work up an appetite. Unfortunately, however, being a student also means living on a tight budget and cutting back on some of the luxuries in life. Read more

If you pay your own tuition, you'll benefit in the long run
Many students have the luxury of their parents forking out thousands of dollars a year to pay for their tuition. Read more

Five Steam games for a college student's budget
Nowadays, video games are costing a steep price. Add on having to buy consoles, like the Switch and you have a monumental amount of money that no student in the midst of debt can afford Read more

Activities to do around London on a budget
Hard to believe, but London, Ont. is home to many activities and attractions that can provide entertainment without breaking the bank. Read more

Student discounts: perks and other ways to save in college
Some college students know what it's like to live a meager life. The person eating ramen noodles daily and asking to do laundry at a friend's house, might benefit from learning a few ways to save money in college. Read more

Five ways to practise self-care on a budget
Getting caught up with life is easy. Between class, homework, extra-curricular activities, your job, household chores or devoting time to your significant other, it can be hard to come across some 'me time'. Read more

Date Ideas on a Budget
Valentine's Day is fast approaching and you notice that your bank account balance is running dangerously low. Going on a date does not have to be expensive to be a good time. Read more

Staying Active on a $mall Budget
Volunteering at the humane society, checking out local ads for fitness events, walking, using YouTube as a personal fitness instructor, taking advantage of guest gym memberships and MacGyver-ing your own gym are way to stay active on a small budget.  Read more

Budgeting is key to taking care of your finances
Congratulations, you have just received your Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) funding for the semester. This may also be the first time you've had so much money just sitting in your bank account waiting to be spent. Read more

The woes of post-secondary education
College can be a liberating time for freshman. You are finally out from under the control of your parents and have a schedule that doesn't necessarily require you to be stuck in class eight hours straight. Read more

Meal ideas to help you get through this school year
Lunches can often be prepped the week before in large batches. Some ideas include salad and soups. Another thing that has become popular is Bento Box lunch boxes. Read more

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