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Around the Ring: With Brit gone, K-Fed takes his turn in the ring

Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | November 13th, 2006

Call me an idiot, but I was kinda bored last Sunday and instead of settling for the greatness that is Sunday night TV featuring “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy,” I ordered the WWE's Cyber Sunday PPV. It was probably the beer in me that wanted some wrestling fun and thank goodness I kept having some during the broadcast, because it made the PPV a lot better than it probably was to those who were completely sober.

I'm not saying that the performances were bad by any means (minus Piper's), but with this event, most of us knew who would be voted in and what the results would be (well, almost). Kane vs. Umaga was pretty uneventful. I actually thought that “the fans” (or maybe I mean the WWE writers) would have “voted” (written in) someone different considering Kane lost to Umaga many times and was shipped off to Smackdown. Umaga got the win here and there's nothing more to say than that.

The Texas Tornado match was another snorefest. You knew Cryme Time was going to win this from the minute they walked out to the ring, so it was pretty hard to pay attention to the others in this match.

Jeff Hardy vs. Carlito was an excellent match although I don't understand the rationale of having Johnny Nitro win the title the next night on Raw when Carlito has earned the right to wear the belt and the same goes for Shelton Benjamin. Hell, if you can win me over as a fan like Carlito has over the past year, you need that strap! We'll see where these feuds go because at least the IC division is exciting once again.

DX vs Edge and Randy Orton — We KNEW Bischoff would be the ref and we KNEW that he would help Edge and Orton pick up the win. Need I say more? Now, the next night on Raw, Bischoff got his face stuck in some fat stripper's ass and now we have DX, Matt and Jeff Hardy plus CM Punk vs. Edge, Orton, Nitro, Helms and Mike Knox at the Survivor Series. This should be interesting but I have no clue where the supposed “NWO/DX” Survivor Series posters have anything to do with this. Maybe those posters were fakes. This perhaps makes the Survivor Series more interesting.

Lita vs. Mickie James was pretty good and with Lita's supposed retirement soon, it was no surprise that Lita walked out as the Women's WWE champion. Too bad that she may keep the belt until she leaves the company in a month or so and another tournament begins.

Sprit Squad vs. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Ric Flair — In an interesting turn of events, the veterans won the Tag Title Belts from the Squad. Was it a good match? Nope. Will the veterans keep the belts for more than a month? Nope. This is another interesting direction, though.

As for the main event, we knew that Cena wouldn't lose his belt, but it was interesting that King Booker got “voted” in AND actually won the match. Mind you, he won the match because that piece of crap, Kevin Federline, was involved with the WWE again and hit Cena with the belt. I guess if you really want people to like Cena, you have to get him involved with someone that (in my mind) is totally unlikable.

Speaking of this Federline crap, Cena vs. Federline on New Years Day Raw? Why would anyone want to watch that? I guess they need to give Federline that much time to train to get some kind of offensive move in and learn how to take a beating. Does this mean that we have to put up with this guy until the New Year? Thanks, WWE! I know what I'll be wishing for during Christmas this year.
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