Salma Hussein - An unforgettable experience

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This is the hardest 500 words that I have to write because they are the last ones of this year.

The COVID-19 outbreak has thrown us all off and changed our lives forever, and as a future healthcare worker this has been a life-altering experience. Sharing my thoughts and perceptions of news and events around our community through this paper was the most amazing and humbling opportunity of my time at Fanshawe.

Every single time an issue was released I was so proud to see my name and work published as it was proof of my hard work and contributions to the Fanshawe community. Each piece that I have put into Interrobang has a part of my ideas, perceptions, and perspectives that I have been through in my journey as a nursing student reporter. Each time an issue came out and my words were freshly printed, I would swell with pride knowing that I got to be part of something so amazing, and even more proud knowing that my work is always going to be here as a legacy of my time in Interrobang.

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I feel so lucky to have been part of this team and to have my words and perspectives on healthcare issues and news be contributed to this paper. Undoubtedly, I have learned so much about this field; from pitching ideas, attending briefings, doing interviews to sitting in on conferences, the amount of knowledge I have gained in being a part of this crew is indescribable. This year was definitely memorable as we all had to redevelop this paper in a new way to adapt to the pandemic. Never have I been forced to be more creative and challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and open myself to more opportunities as a reporter. What a humbling and exhilarating year.

I cannot emphasize enough how amazing and supportive the Interrobang family is, and how much that they have welcomed me as a nursing student without much of a publication or journaling background. Everyone is so talented and passionate, and their enthusiasm and innovation is contagious and makes you want to do your best. To everyone on the team, writers, editor, and illustrators, you have all made me feel so proud and grateful to work alongside you to create an amazing paper.

I think the best part about being a contributing member to this paper is seeing each issue come together with the work of the other Interrobang contributors and illustrators. It wasn’t just about writing a piece, it was pitching an idea, writing about it, either complimenting it with a picture you took or having one of the very talented illustrators draw something for your piece, submitting your work to be edited, and then seeing the final version in an actual paper alongside other amazing writers that really excited me each time. Waiting for release day to pick up a copy of all our hard work was the most thrilling moment that always left me proud and anxious to write my next piece. Thank you to all our readers for taking the time to read our issues, you were also my motivation to talk about issues in our community.

Thank you, Angela, our amazing editor, for giving me this opportunity to feel pride for something I accomplished and pushing me to bring out my most creative self. I will be forever grateful and appreciative for this unforgettable experience.