Unbound 2022 celebrates oneness with the planet

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: FANSHAWE COLLEGE FASHION DESIGN
Unbound 2022 event welcomes culture and sustainable fashion.

On April 14, Fanshawe’s fashion design program will present their annual year-end fashion show event which commemorates fashion design graduates and members within the different disciplines from Fanshawe’s School of Design.

Unbound is a collaboration between multiple programs across the college. This year’s event will be in-person and will include guest speakers, cultural collections, live portfolio and collection presentations and a meet-and-greet with the designers.

Fanshawe fashion design professor, Loren Carriere described the exclusivity of this year’s Unbound event.

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“Unbound is not a fashion show,” she said. “So, back in the good old days before COVID, Unbound was very much focused as a runway fashion show event. And the world of fashion is changing, and fashion shows are no longer the thing. So, it is a now a multimedia event, because of COVID we now understand that we can’t always be together in-person, so we had to really think of alternatives.”

Carriere added how important it is to keep up with the trends of the industry.

“Our program is always very conscientiously trying to stay on top of what the actual fashion industry is doing, and designers are moving into multimedia events, where designers, the buyers, the media, their followers get together and present the collections and they do it in really creative and interesting ways,” explained Carriere.

The 2022 Unbound event will have a strong focus on educating and raising awareness on environmental and social matters. The theme of the event is ‘One = People + Planet.’

“The collections must be socially and environmentally responsible, that is the priority. We’re taking inspiration from the Indigenous culture in the way in which they are respectfully in relationship with the land. The way in which we need to start to heal our land relationships,” said Carriere.

The event will be filled with guest speakers and will allow audiences to interact with designers. Moreover, students have produced collections, a magazine, an event, a film, and a book.

“We are writing, illustrating, and publishing a book inside of a film. So, we’re writing the book, which is the story ‘One = People + Planet’ side of the film. And then, we’re going to read the book to a child, which then becomes the film, and that book is being published and illustrated by my fashion designer from last year.”

Unbound 2022 will be selling tickets online soon for $30 and information can be found on their social media pages.

For $50, you can also purchase a ticket with a specially made Unbound bag. The Unbound bag will include a sustainable Fanshawe water bottle, sustainability fan shop bamboo utensil kit, Unbound magazine and the Unbound ‘One = People + Planet’ storybook from the film. Furthermore, the bags are recyclable and are hand-painted by designers. They will also be served on first come first serve basis as there are only 60 bags available for purchase.

“We here at Fanshawe and in fashion design are really leaders and visionaries,” said Carriere. “We understand how fashion needs to change and we are at the forefront. We were the first fashion program to convert from our traditional runway style into a fashion film.”