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Exclusive with a mall Santa

Aaron Hall | Interrobang | Lifestyles | December 4th, 2006

For years children and adults-alike have flocked to the mall to get their picture taken with the fat man in a chair, surrounded by holiday elves and fake reindeer.

Santa Claus, also known as Rick Raph, will be entertaining children and adults alike during the day shift this holiday season at The White Oaks Mall located at 1105 Wellington Road South in London.

Santa said although the money is good, his motivation for doing the job is to keep the children happy.

“I have a good time with it, I do pretty good with them,” Santa said. “It's all about having a good time.”

Santa, who has been working at the White Oaks Mall for three years now, said he has experienced many crying babies throughout his tenure and countless other memorable individuals.

“No one has ever gotten sick on me or anything but some of them have smelled pretty funny,” said Santa.

“I had this ‘Rocker' guy the other day, with oodles of piercings. His friends were making fun of him and that really made my day.”

When he first took the job, Santa said he warned his wife that some of the girls might be getting fresh with him, considering he is Santa Claus.

“Some bigger kids and adults are pretty funny,” Santa said. “The first person I ever had, a 35-year-old blind and [mental challenged] lady, started feeling up my knee and leg.”

Santa also provided the inside scoop for what the children are asking for this year.

“Some kids are being greedy and asking for Play Station 3's and Wii's,” Santa said. “I'm getting requests for lots of trucks and dolly's, their eyes really brighten up then.”

When asked if he had ever seen the movie Bad Santa starring Billy-Bob Thornton, Santa said that he had not ever viewed the movie.

Thornton depicts a drunken, sex-fueled criminal in the movie, who takes jobs as a mall Santa before breaking into the mall, and cashing in by stealing large amounts of jewelry and other expensive items.
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